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Gemstone IV News

Staff Listing (July 2017)
Posted on 07/05/2017 10:47 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM
GemStone IV Staff
Wyrom PM
Admin and Support
Isten SGM
Kaikala ASGM
Sleken ASGM
Skhorne AGM
Palvella AGM
Kveta CGM
Vanah LOA
Events Team
Haliste SGM
Retser ASGM
Flannihan FGM
Mikos FGM
Modrian FGM
Donagn AGM
Necios AGM
Sindin AGM
Thandiwe AGM
Scrimge GMA
Mariath CGM
Zythica CGM
Subscriptions Team
Galene SGM
Tamuz ASGM
Aiza FGM
Aulis FGM
Elidi FGM
Elysani FGM
Jainna FGM
Kenstrom FGM
Kynlee FGM
Liia FGM
Lydil FGM
Mazreth FGM
Valyrka FGM
Wakefield FGM
Xayle FGM
Zoelle FGM
Hivala AGM
Naionna AGM
Auchand CGM
Scribes CGM
Development Team
Coase SGM
Estild ASGM
Finros ASGM
Ixix FGM
Keios FGM
Konacon FGM
Contemplar AGM
Cyraex AGM
Draxun AGM
Viduus AGM
Zissu AGM
Mestys CGM
GameHost Program
SGH Zestor SGH
Avaluka GH
Kebechet GH
Mitzey GH
Annanasi Trainee
Auttaja Trainee
Tivvy Trainee
Rank Key
GH GameHost
SGH Senior GameHost
LOA Leave Of Absence
GMA GameMaster Apprentice
CGM Contributing GameMaster
AGM Assistant GameMaster
FGM Full GameMaster
ASGM Assistant Senior GameMaster
SGM Senior GameMaster
APM Assistant Product Manager
PM Product Manager

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