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Gemstone IV News

Duskruin Details: April 2017
Posted on 04/16/2017 06:03 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

With Duskruin upon us, here are some details about this run. We did a lot of updates this run, and we did a lot of prep work for future runs.

Bloodriven Village

We went ahead and updated the majority of shops this run. You'll need to explore for shop lists, but there are many new things available for purchase.

High End Scrip Shop

As stated in 2016, we'd be retiring a number of items moving forward. We have added some new and fresh certificates and gear this run to the shop!

Here is what's new for certificates!

  • Ironwright Flares: Added to weapons that can accept scripts. Cannot work with other scripts (ex. fusion).
  • Bubble Flares: Added to weapons for +10 points of damage padding.
  • Polearm Flares: Added to acceptable polearm weapons.
  • Knockout Flares: Added to acceptable blunt weapons.
  • De-fusion: Remove fusion script and keep the enhancive bonuses intact.
  • AsG Change: Change an armor within the same armor group!

Here's what's new for the armor stand and weapon rack!

Weapons, shields, and armor made from kroderine, zelnorn, and adamantine. It will be their base properties with basic descriptions. This way everything is known from a glance.

Here is what is returning for certificates!

  • Undead Bane: Price reduced to base
  • TD: +5 with price reduced to half to make more affordable
  • Weight Reduction: Changed to 5% from 20%. Cap is 50% on any item
  • Open Acuity Flare: Price reduced to base
  • Flat Acuity Flare: Price reduced to base
  • Open Mana Flare: Price reduced to base
  • Flat Mana Flare: Price reduced to base
  • VolnAmor: Price reduced to base
  • Splitters: Price reduced to base

Be sure to browse the wares for sale before committing to getting a certain number of bloodscrip, as some items may not be there anymore! Items in the high end scrip shop do go up in price per purchase.


There are a few big things happening inside the Ratacombs this time around. The big thing is, there are two new legendary bloodrunes in their runic stone form to be found. A cave troll and a troll king. Only one of each will go out, and like the minotaur, it will be pretty rare. There are still moonshards and additional bloodrunes in the sewers like before. The rat catcher will likely be buying rats for a little more due to the scarcity of these rodents.

Rats are going to have a few new additional descriptors this run, and they are going to be much more rare. If a rat is important to you, be sure to chase it if you catch one wandering around, as that is a rare occurrence now. When entering the sewers, you will have a CHANCE to see the trail of a rat. It will no longer be guaranteed if you haven't found a rat this run. You will no longer be limited to just one a run, but you won't always be able to chase the trail of a rat. The chance to find a rat happens when entering the sewers, it will not change once inside.

As the Bank Heist nears closer to a release (not this time, unfortunately), bandits have been hiding large caches of bloodscrip in the sewers. Sewers searchers have a very rare chance to uncover these caches and find up to 1000 times the normal amount! So for example, on your seventh search, instead of finding another 8 bloodscrip, you might find 8000 bloodscrip. Be warned, bandits don't take too kindly to stealing their treasure. If you are lucky enough to find these grand amounts, it's best to be paying attention to avoid any confrontations and loss of said cache!

Celestial Temple and Bloodforge

After the cold winter, a new area of the temple was discovered, the BLOODFORGE. All the secrets haven't been identified just yet, but it is believed that you can transmute a completed pendant with enough special ore and a ritual. There is plenty more to be discovered, which may be revealed at a future run of Duskruin.

When moonshards were introduced, the ability to combine them and create a pendant was possible anywhere in Elanthia, however, their magic has since waned outside the Celestial Temple, and you must be inside to bundle the moonshards and place them inside a pendant.


The arena has had a number of changes this time around. When the BLOODFORGE was discovered, so were dozens ancient metal automatons. These metallic golems were created with the special material needed for the ritual for transmutation of the pendants. The golems will now be a very rare boss battle, and if defeated, will drop a small bit of ore of the type of metal it was created from. So an eahnor automaton will drop an ore of eahnor. After collecting five of these ores, you will be able to start the process of transmuting your pendant. Not all of the metal possibilities for pendants were found in golem form, but it is possible that more will be released at a future run!

With the new ores, the winnings package has been updated. Finding a pendant or rare treasure item will no longer take the place of a promissory note. Notes have been slightly reduced, as silver will always be a prize if you do not die in the arena, instead of only being awarded when winning. Arena packages will have bloodscrip depending on your score, a promissory note, an ore if you slay a golem/automaton, random loot if you win or score high enough, and a pendant if you're lucky enough to find one!

Data Harvesting

Starting this run, everything you do at Duskruin will be recorded and tracked to your character specifically. This won't mean much this time around, but at future runs, this can unlock special features, achievements, and more!

Wyrom, PM

Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!