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Gemstone IV News

Elven Nations Update
Posted on 02/21/2017 01:29 PM CST by Producer

Members of the Hall of Mages have determined that the recent events in the Elven Nations, and more specifically within Old Ta'Faendryl, have severely altered the barrier surrounding the Old City.

Speaking on condition of anonymity a low ranking member of the Hall stated, "We are seeing some strange things happening in north old Ta'Faendryl. It would seem the magical explosion caused by the unraveling of the Arch Lich known as Vindicto has created an unusual set of circumstances." Lowering his voice he continued, "The barrier is different now, though we don't understand it. Ithzir Champions now freely roam the North Woods and are attacking adventurers there. The change appears to be irreversible and it would not surprise me if the Adventurers Guild didn't start issuing bounties for them soon."

We fully trust our source, but, by necessity, retain plausible deniability should this report prove inaccurate.


Ithzir Champions have been released in north Old Ta'Faendryl as a permanent post cap creature. Happy dying everyone.


"Mother should I trust the Government?"

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