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Gemstone IV News

Updates to the Experience System!
Posted on 11/22/2016 09:48 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM

We have a number of incoming changes to the experience system to help make it a little bit more friendlier and fit your busy schedule! This update has three main components: Offline Experience, Long-Term Experience, and changes to the weekly Gift of Lumnis and RP Award systems.

Offline Experience Absorption

Characters on paid subscription accounts will now continue to absorb field experience at a reduced rate when not logged in. Point-based and global experience modifiers (Gift of Lumnis/RP Awards [see below], Death Sting, F2P, etc) will apply to the offline absorption amounts, time-based experience modifiers (Login Rewards Doubled Experience Boosts) will not. The rate for offline absorption is a flat 15 exp per 10 minutes.

Long-Term Experience

A new BOOST has been released, BOOST LONGTERM. Using this boost immediately deducts 500 experience points from your field experience pool and adds 250 experience points to a new experience pool, your long-term experience pool. Experience in your long-term pool is normally absorbed much more slowly than your field experience pool (250 experience points per day), but has no cap on the number of points that it can hold. Experience absorbed from the long-term pool is not increased by RP awards, the Gift of Lumnis, or other such boosts.

Characters that are at or above level 20 on paid subscription accounts can earn up to two (2) long-term experience boosts per day via random drops upon LOOTing creatures that they are eligible to earn experience from. These drops are weighted to occur within the first 50 LOOT drops per character per day. Even if you cannot login every day to hunt, you can still earn a lesser number of long-term boosts; for every three (3) days that you go without earning a long-term boost (the days need not be consecutive), you will get one (1) free "away" boost upon your next login.

Aside from the daily 250 experience point absorption, you can also absorb long-term experience via continuing to absorb experience after your weekly Gift of Lumnis has expired. For every ten (10) points of field experience absorbed while outside of your Gift of Lumnis period, you also absorb one (1) point of long-term experience.

Gift of Lumnis Changes

Currently, the length of your Gift of Lumnis is based on the number of experience pulses that you are present for. Consequently, an experience pulse that occurs when your field experience pool only has a few points left in it results in less total bonus experience being awarded than if your mind is saturated, which can "waste" parts of your Gift. Therefore, we are changing the mechanics of the Gift of Lumnis from pulse-based to point-based. Instead of having a 3x absorption bonus for the first 3 hours of experience pulses per week and then a 2x absorption bonus for the next 3 hours of pulses, you will instead have a 3x absorption bonus until a fixed amount of bonus Lumnis experience is earned and then a 2x absorption bonus until the next fixed amount is earned. The net effect of this is that there will be no more "wasted" Gift of Lumnis pulses -- everyone that completes their Gift of Lumnis will have received exactly the same amount of bonus experience.

The exact size of this Gift of Lumnis point pool will be determined via a recurring contest every 90 days, that runs for a week each time. The top 50 (top 5 in Plat/Shattered) players that absorb the most base exp (measured under the current Gift of Lumnis rules) during the contest period will thus set the size of the weekly Lumnis point pool for everyone until the next contest occurs (their exp returns will be averaged to create the point pool). We will be paying particularly close attention to the players that are contenders for the top 50 during the contest period, so AFK script at your own risk. You can use the LUMNIS verb to see the recurring contest status, those who "won" the contest, and the option to remove yourself from being displayed in the contest list to all players.

Putting this altogether in an example: If the total point pool set by the most recent contest is 18,000 points in total, then your allotted bonus for the 3x multiplier will apply to the first 6,000 points of base field experience that you absorb (netting you 12,000 bonus experience points), followed by a 2x multiplier on the next 6,000 base field experience (netting you a further 6,000 bonus experience points, making 18,000 Gift of Lumnis bonus points in total).

The first Gift of Lumnis contest will commence early Monday morning, November 28 at 00:00 and finish exactly 7 days later. Once the contest has finished and the first point pool established, the Gift of Lumnis will migrate from being pulse-based to point-based.

Role Playing Award Changes (RPAs)

Similar to the Gift of Lumnis changes, RPAs will be changing from a time-based to point-based system. The size of the point pools awarded will continue to be determined entirely by GM decision rather than through the contest, but the end goal of removing the pressure to remain saturated to not "waste" an RPA remains the same.


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