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Gemstone IV News

Unhinged in Delirium Manor
Posted on 10/10/2016 01:29 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Unhinged in Delirium Manor


Unhinged in Delirium Manor!

Toymaker Whax, expert in the manipulation of living flesh, built his legacy into a doll-sized dwelling.  Designed specifically to allow continuation of his questionable experimentations, this controlled environment brings you -- his test subject -- into the strange and rather small world of macabre experimentation.

Explore his unhinged manor and find heirlooms from recent visitors!  Discover dismembered pieces of once-treasured, now-tortured dolls!  Solve the disturbing mysteries of the Toymaker, the Manor, the dolls, and the unfortunate ones who never made it back.  If you persevere, you may see the world through different eyes...

A unique method of travel will prepare you for the unique world of Toymaker Whax.  Prepare yourself to come face-to-face with the unnatural, from things that may stretch one’s imagination to a new twist on necromancy!

Inside the manor, find Ebon Gate tickets, a unique scrip that can be used to purchase prizes at the manor’s gift shop.  They may also be used at the Ebon Gate Festival for prizes and entering the befouled Necropolis!

Uncover dismembered doll parts… perhaps you can figure out how to recreate one of Toymaker Whax’s legendary dolls!  His methods are long lost to history, but maybe there is a way….  But beware, his dolls are rumored to have their own souls!  Surely it would be a rare and dangerous feat to see one whole again!

Also, you’ll find treasure of an assortment of tiers!  From tip cups to chrism holder, you may also find a JACKPOT item like one of our unique major sanctuaries or additional locker space!

Get ready for Delirium Manor

October 14th at 9pm until October 31st at 11:59pm, Eastern

Getting to Delirium Manor is 100% free.  Come explore the grounds and hang out with friends!  There are no restrictions at all to get to Delirium Manor!  Visiting the gift shop is available to anyone.

To get inside and start searching, however, you’ll need an invitational pass which can be purchased in the SimuCoin Store for 95 SimuCoins.  You can take advantage of our multiple-entry passes, for your convenience, and enjoy many trips through Delirium Manor!

You’ll want to get inside Delirium Manor to enjoy everything it has to offer!!

If you purchase an Ebon Gate admission ticket, you will receive 5 complimentary entries that can be picked up in Feywrot Mire!  There will also be ways to win passes while digging or playing games throughout the festival!

Visit the forums and the official GemStone IV wiki for more detailed information on Delirium Manor!

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