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Gemstone IV News

Ebon Gate 5116
Posted on 10/08/2016 12:09 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Ebon Gate 2016

Feywrot Mire Awaits Beyond the Ebon Gate!

Starting October 14th and Remaining Open Until October 31st!

Ebon Gate is back for another year at Feywrot Mire!  Enjoy shops bursting with inventory, games, contests, and more!  The Ebon Gate event is the one-stop location to meet all your festival needs.  From terrifying undead in the Necropolis to highly coveted services from your favorite merchants.

...Speaking of the Necropolis…

We will delve into the history of the black ora hearts that have become a cherished belonging over the years!  Those who broke the curse and unlocked the wisp will be able to view the finale of the Necropolis!  Didn’t complete the quest?  Fear not!  You still have time this year!

And That’s Not All!

Ebon Gate will be seeing a number of new updates, making the festival even better than before!

  • An all new JACKPOT prize tier that anyone can win while digging or partaking in the various games around Feywrot Mire!

  • Condensed shop listing to make browsing wares concise and less daunting, while still providing a multitude of inventory for all walks of life.

  • The return of many highly sought after services like Ithzir Armor, Voln Armor, Creature Banes like extraplanar or demon, and enhancive permanence!

  • A brand new COMPANION EVENT to Ebon Gate!

Explore What Came Before

Deep underneath the Feymist Cemetery lies a tomb long since forgotten.  Closed off to the Mire for centuries, the depths have been unexplored, leaving many treasures behind to be found.  But the adventure into the Necropolis won't be so simple, as it is overrun by undead that wander endlessly, and teleportation is far too weak to work within.  A goblin miner will "escort" you into the Necropolis, should you wish to enter.  

Mining the Cemetery

Many a miner passed through the true Ebon Gate whilst in the Feywrot Mire.  Some considerate soul thought it proper to give their bones and prized possessions -- everything from weapons and rings to oil-stained rags and strange flasks -- a home in the Feymist Cemetery, 'neath the spreading limbs of the willows.  The perfect spot for burial.  The perfect spot for grave-robbing.

Play the Midway

Try your luck at fabulous games of chance!  The more you play, the more chances you have to walk away with fabulous prizes!

"It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses..."

Carnival workers and swamp denizens alike dare never pass up a good game.   Play at your own risk! Game times will be noted in the FESTIVAL listing.




Feywrot Favorites 

Try your hand at tugging your team to victory on a field of rotting ooze.  Drink the night away at the Rumrunners' Tavern to win a few silvers.  There's that bull's eye -- try, try, try again to hit it with a knife or an arrow! Carnival workers might beckon you to play these and other games on the new Halfway Midway!  Some will play for the thrill of the win, others for a pretty prize.   The carnies have even come up with a few new games to test your skill (or perhaps for their own amusement), like Rock ‘N Roll, Token It Up, and Pop It!  Or maybe you can try your hand at Swamp Grab, where you may end up with a treat...  or a trick!

The Key to the Midway

The Carousel is back at the Halfway Midway this year!  Speak to the gypsy woman to gain the Key to the Midway and access to the Carousel!  Those with prizes from last year can bring the prize back to the gypsy to have it recharged for another year!

Search the Deserted Cottage

Though many of the buildings in the Mire are old and abandoned, there is one deserted cottage that is especially...  odd.  And what about the tunnels that run below your feet? Some are flooded, some completely collapsed, but some may hold stories of the past.  Just 'ware that you don't lose your way when you wander out toward the Verge.

Bubbling Brews

Think you think you have good taste?  This game will put that to the test as forty participants battle it out to find the brew that leaves a pleasing taste on the palate.  Will you be the winner to walk away with a smile, or will you be left with a bad taste in your mouth?

Avoid the Noose

A game all about picking letters to fill in the blanks!  Guess the answer to the puzzle and you could win big!  Only ten people will be able to play this game, so don't be late!

Entrails Toss

It's a food fight that takes on a whole new meaning as forty contestants battle one at a time to throw their food at a living target.  What?  A living, moving target?  That just makes it all the more fun!  See if you have good aim or are left in the dust in this game of hand-eye coordination!

Dismember Me Fondly

A resident ghoul has been haunting the Mire, seeking his missing parts for ages now.  He's decided to enlist the help of the visitors to the area who just have a certain something that can aide him in his quest... eyes.  Forty participants will need to scour the area looking for the missing body parts within the time limit given!  If you succeed, you could win!

Sing Me An Epitaph

Someone has died.  Twenty someones actually, but unfortunately we have nothing to mark on their gravestones or tell for their eulogies.  We will be enlisting the help of twenty of you to help us!  Each presenter will receive a paper detailing one grisly demise, and each player will have fifteen minutes to write a song commemorating the fallen.  Please keep presentations to three minutes or less.

Swamp Scatter

Oh, no!  We need your help!  Unlimited participants will be able to help us find what we have lost in this exciting game of hide and seek.

Storytelling Contest

It's time to bring out your bone-chilling tales, creepy stories, and murder mysteries at this year's storytelling contest.  Presenters should keep their tale to five minutes or less.  Spectators are welcome, but beware: here in Feywrot Mire, things definitely go bump in the night!  Bring a torch and someone to protect you, as this night may prove to set your spine to tingling and your hair to standing on end.

Costume Contest

Wear your best (or worst) costume attire and compete not only for prizes, but the envy of your friends!  This year's categories are Most Creative, Most Elegant, Scariest, Funniest, and Best Duo.

Shops to Visit

Merchants from near and far (mostly far) have taken up temporary residence in the swamp to sell their wares during the Eve of the Reunion celebration.

Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!