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Gemstone IV News

Settlement of Reim: NOW OPEN!
Posted on 09/19/2016 03:56 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Join the hunt within the settlement of Reim, explore its depths, and unlock new achievements!  Earn prestigious titles by slaying all the strange and unique creatures within.  Earn reputation and quest energy to conquer Reim!  A unique currency can be found within the settlement, ethereal scrip!

The strange floating land mass is tethered to the ground near Icemule Trace, reports say that those interested must make their way to Thurfel’s Island and find the strange vortex to begin your adventure.  Explore the inhabitants of Reim and join your allies in this epic adventure!  

What is Reim?

Reim is a brand new dungeon crawl, which is instanced by level ranges so you will fit in with adventurers just like you!  There are unique creatures with rare boss spawns!  Can you find and vanquish them all?  And it’s not all undead hunting… Reim is filled to the brim with treasure just waiting to be discovered!

How do I join?

Reim is around all the time!  Premium subscribers can access this new and exciting content once every 22 hours, for 2 hours!  Not a premium subscriber? Learn how to become one today!  You can also purchase glowing orbs to gain entry by visiting the SimuCoin store.

Just type REIM in game for more details, or make your way to the town of Icemule Trace to get started on your adventure!

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