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Gemstone IV News

Duskruin: MoonShard Hunter
Posted on 04/24/2016 10:40 AM CDT by Producer

Duskruin: MoonShard Hunters

Duskruin: MoonShard Hunter

This Friday at 9pm Eastern, Duskruin returns with all the bloodthirsty action from before, but with all new twists!  Puchase your slips and tokens today!

The Celestial Temple...

Enter the ALL NEW underground temple and explore the mysteries of Duskruin Arenaâs origin! A dwarven archaeologist wanders the Celestial Temple. Perhaps heâll tell you how to be the first to become a Champion of the Arkati by discovering the secrets of reuniting the Moonshards!

New in the Arena...

  • Updated arena mechanics for stealth builds!
  • New lethal foes join the Arena battle!  Hone your combat skills against the brutal Orc Champion, the terrifying Troll Slayer, and others!
  • Recover lost mana and stamina with the all new PRAY feature! But be careful, it will cost you precious time!

And in the Sewers...

  • brand new Rat Catcher stomps around in the muck! ASK him what he can do for you and your rats!

Explore the alleys of Bloodriven Village and watch your friends battle in Duskruin Arena, or visit the Simucoin store, where you can purchase slips and tokens to join in the action!  Board the wagons to Bloodriven Village once again for challenging matches, rat wrangling, and desirable gear and items from April 22nd until May 1st. The rats of Bloodriven Village look forward to seeing you in their home this Friday night!

1. How do I get there?
Take the wagons, available in most towns, to the outskirts of Bloodriven Village. The arena and sewers are inside the town walls.

2. What do I get for searching in the sewers?
You get Bloodscrip, the currency of Bloodriven Village's shops! You can also find a pet rat, which is customizable at various merchants to meet your rodent needs. And Moonshards! This is where the shattered remains of the pendants washed during the quake that the Archaeologist speaks of!

3. What do I get for battling in the Arena?
You get Bloodscrip, the currency of Bloodriven Village's shops! You might also get a pendant, part of the Moonshard Quest.

4. Wait, Moonshard Quest? Is that new?
It is! Collect Moonshards as you search the sewers. Gather them to reassemble the shattered moon pendants for a rare and amazing item!

5. And what's this about shops?
Bloodriven Village has shops in which you can spend your hard-earned Bloodscrip. Many of the items have been changed, upgraded, and refreshed for this run. Please read the signs for more details!

6. What else can I do there?
If you don't want to battle, you can watch your friends die... er, fight... from the Arena stands! The village also has a tavern for some enjoyable R&R. Check out the details of the town itself! Don't fall in the privy, though. Yuck!

7. What if I don't want a pendant? And what if I'm tired of my filty rat?!
Talk to the Rat Catcher in the sewers, and/or the Archaeologist in the Celestial temple. They have some extra Bloodscrip in their pockets they will trade you for these types of items.

8. Is there anything else coming?
Of course there is! Special higher end items will be on a special sale toward the end of the event. Stay tuned for more details!

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