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Gemstone IV News

HSN: Weeks 11 and 12 Recap
Posted on 09/15/2015 01:49 AM CDT by GS4-WYROM


Hot Summer Nights kicked off June 21st!  Check out what we released during the LAST TWO WEEKS of our acclaimed release schedule!

The Elemental Lore Review

  • Elemental Waves (410 & 435) - At 50 ranks of Air Lore, it can now hit flying targets and with Water Lore the target's defense is reduced when being hit by a wave spell.
  • Weapon Deflection (412) - Earth Lore will unlock more targets to be hit by an AoE version of this spell.
  • Elemental Saturation (413) - Reduction of the target's TD plays into the caster's Elemental Mana Control, as well as Fire Lore aiding with a persistent TD modifier.
  • Elemental Dispel (417) - With Fire Lore, dispelling a prepped spell now can gain a chance to still cause the target to lose a spell.  Additionally, the mana drain effect will now remove even more mana with more lore.
  • Elemental Targeting (425) - Fire Lore will grant a chance to cause your next spell to be charged with elemental energy.  If the spell matches the attuned element of the caster, damage will increase!
  • Elemental Barrier (430) - Earth Lore now gives the caster a chance to gain critical padding for one attack.
  • Thurfel's Ward (503) - With Earth Lore, the caster can now gain a chance to get +20 DS for a single attack.
  • Slow (504) - When a target is hit, it will apply 3 seconds of roundtime instantly, there is now a group AoE version of this spell as well, which benefits from Air Lore.
  • Elemental Deflection (507) - A 15 ranks of Earth Lore, the spell can now have the ability to reflect bolt attacks.
  • Elemental Bias (508) - At 25 ranks of Earth Lore, the spell unlocks an ability to boost Elemental TD by 20 against a spell attack.
  • Mana Leech (516) - Water Lore now gives the chance to sap more mana!
  • Minor & Major Shock (901 & 910) - With Air Lore training, there is a chance to put the target into a Stun Shock.  With Water Lore, the Stun Shock can also produce damage.  With casting Minor Water with proper amounts of Water Lore, you can now soak the target as well.
  • Minor Water (903) - With 20 ranks of Fire Lore, the spell can now be evoked to be a steam bolt.
  • Minor Acid (904) - At 30 ranks of Water Lore, when the spell is evoked, it will form a large ball of acid.  The spell can also leave lingering caustic damage with 10 ranks of Earth Lore.
  • Prismatic Guard (905) - Earth Lore will increase the DS you receive.
  • Minor Fire (906) - At 10 ranks of Fire Lore, a target has a chance to be lit on fire.
  • Mass Blur (911) - Air Lore will increase dodge ranks on the self-cast version of this spell.
  • Sandstorm (914) - Earth and Air Lores will now increase the damage of this spell.
  • Invisibility (916) - At 50 ranks if Air Lore, a group cast version can now be evoked.
  • Call Familiar (920) - Air Lore decreases the time it takes for a familiar to find a target and Water Lore can now allow a familiar to anchor into an earthnode.

World and Town Updates

  • CHE Website and Headquarters - We have a new home for our CHE website.  Ebonstone Manor is now open in Wehnimer's Landing.
  • Scribes and Chroniclers of Elanthia - Big thank you to our wiki wranglers for helping with our transition to the new home of the Krakiipedia.
  • Icemule Trace Guards - The guards at the four gates of Icemule have a little more personality now.
  • Kai, Charl, Ronan, and Phoen Artwork - Enjoy our visuals on these four Arkati!

Verb Updates

  • SNAP - Four styles have been added to the SNAP verb: disappointed, impatient, rhythm, and service.
  • DAYDREAM - The DAYDREAM verb has been expanded for our Premium subscribers to offer a CITIZEN option.
  • BANK - A new verb to give plenty of banking options!
  • EVOKE - The new verb replaces some instances of the verb CHANNEL.

Items and Inventory Upgrades

  • Armor and Weapon Nouns - New nouns have been added to our existing list of weapons, as well as a published list of armor nouns!
  • Item Utilities - Many scripts have undergone updates to include ANALYZE information.  We will continue to improve on older scripts to bring them into modern expectations throughout the summer!

You can follow along on our wiki page as well!  

That's a wrap!

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