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Gemstone IV News

HSN: Weeks 9 and 10 Recap
Posted on 09/04/2015 10:50 AM CDT by GS4-WYROM


Hot Summer Nights kicked off June 21st!  Check out what we released during the NINTH AND TENTH WEEK of our acclaimed release schedule!

The Elemental Lore Review

  • Presence (402) - Bonuses to detect hidden targets with Air Lore. 
  • Lock Pick Enhancement (403) - Decrease potential damage to lock picks with Water Lore.
  • Disarm Enhancement (404) - Reduce disarming roundtimes with Water Lore.
  • Elemental Detection (405) - Detect elemental flares and enhancives on an item with Air Lore.
  • Unlock (407) - Corrode the lock on a box to reduce difficulty to open it with Water Lore on unsuccessful previous attempts.
  • Disarm (408) - Reduce difficulty on traps with Water Lore on unsuccessful previous attempts.
  • Elemental Defense III (414) - With Earth Lore, gain a magical barrier to physical attacks!
  • Elemental Strike (415) - Fire Lore can now allow this spell to hit a second target in the room.
  • Piercing Gaze (416) - Learn more about the treasure chest you're casting on with Water Lore!
  • Mana Focus (418) - The success formula has been adjusted to use spell ranks, Elemental Mana Control, and Aura stat bonus.  With Water Lore, you can increase the mana recovered each pulse.
  • Sleep (501) - A new groggy effect can be applied to creatures waking up from the sleep spell, determined by your Air Lore, which will decrease their physical strength.
  • Ice patch (512) - The spell has been updated to work like Water Walking (112) when cast near a body of water.  Additionally, you can target a single enemy to deal cold critical damage!
  • Stone Skin (520) - With Earth Lore, the spell provides a percent chance to strike an attacker with a vibration flare.

Spells and Magic Updates

  • Mana Spellup - The number of mana control ranks required per use has been lowered from 75 ranks to 25 ranks. All other functionality remains the same. 

Combat Updates

  • Unarmed Multistrike (MSTRIKE) - You can now use the MSTRIKE command to perform unarmed attacks.  Depending on conditions being met, the type of attack will change from JAB, PUNCH, GRAPPLE, and KICK.

Premium, Platinum, and Promotions Updates

  • Alter Scroll Sale - Throughout the summer, enjoy 10% off flares, enchanting, and padding.  You can also pick up a checkbook for only 400 points, a 33% savings!

World and Town Updates

  • Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire - Learn more about all the organizations, from magical to martial and religious to unlawful!
  • Wehnimer's Landing: Frontier Politics - Read on about officials in the town founded by Rone Wehnimer's.
  • Teras Asylum - Kharam Dzu celebrates the grand opening of its new asylum.
  • Sins in Shadow - A document on Sheru and Ronan. from the "Book of Midnight."
  • Origins of Mularos - A history on the God of Suffering.
  • Koar, Lumnis and Oleani Artwork - Enjoy our visuals on these three Arkati!

Verb Updates

  • BEAM - Six styles have been added to the BEAM verb: Broadly, cheerfully, delightedly, proudly, and pleased.  In addition, you may also BEAM BETWEEN two targets.

Items and Inventory Upgrades

  • New Material: Wrotwood - A wood native to Feywrot Mire!
  • Item Utilities - Many scripts have undergone updates to include ANALYZE information.  We will continue to improve on older scripts to bring them into modern expectations throughout the summer!

You can follow along on our wiki page as well!  

See you during Week 11!

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