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Gemstone IV News

HSN: Week 5 Recap
Posted on 07/26/2015 05:41 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM


Hot Summer Nights kicked off June 21st!  Check out what we released during the FIFTH WEEK of our acclaimed release schedule!

Spells and Magic Updates

  • Energy Maelstrom (710) - The spell has several new revisions and enhancements, allowing the caster to create an elemental-themed damage cycle based on lore.  They can also speed up the forming of the storm!
  • Pain (711) - No longer is the damage you deal hidden when casting this spell!
  • Scroll Infusion (714) - Gain experience when infusing scrolls!
  • Pestilence (716) - A new spell that creates a sickly miasmal aura around the caster.  Attackers beware, you might catch something awful attacking a sorcerer!
  • Minor Summoning (725) - Summoning demons is a whole lot easier now, and they last longer too!
  • Animate Dead (730) - Like demonic summoning, animating the dead is a lot easier to cast!  But the best part about this spell is telling your animate to explode!  
  • Planar Shift (740) - Demons that spawn from failed rift will be significantly more difficult to kill!
  • Charge Item (517) - Gain experience when charging items!
  • Martial Prowess (1705) - Martial Prowess has moved over to the Arcane Spell List.  That's the spell in the moonstone cubes!

Premium, Platinum, and Promotions Updates

  • Alter Scroll Sale - Throughout the summer, enjoy 10% off flares, enchanting, and padding.  You can also pick up a checkbook for only 400 points, a 33% savings!
  • REAL Gems - There is still a gem out there in Prime, waiting to be found!  Congratulations to everyone that found the others!

World and Town Updates

  • RPA Contest - Earn roleplaying awards throughout the month of July to win fabulous prizes!  Only one week left!
  • Sylvan Gemology Guide - The langauge of gems, through the eyes of the Sylvan!
  • Flashfeet Emporium - The shop Flashfeet Emporium in Icemule Trace has been remodeled!

Verb Updates

  • STOP - The verb stop has been updated to have some roleplaying target options!

Items and Inventory Upgrades

  • New Material: Zydris - The zydris is a medium-sized tree with broad, erratically curving branches native to Bre'Naere!
  • Item Utilities - Many scripts have undergone updates to include ANALYZE information.  We will continue to improve on older scripts to bring them into modern expectations throughout the summer!

You can follow along on our wiki page as well!  

Coming Soon!

Want more HSN action?  Can't handle the heat outside and need a reason to stay indoors?  

  • A brand new capped hunting ground!
  • Unarmed Combat updates!
  • BUNDLE updates!

See you during Week 6!

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