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Gemstone IV News

HSN: Week 1 Recap
Posted on 06/28/2015 09:59 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM


Hot Summer Nights kicked off June 21st!  Check out what we released during the first week of our acclaimed release schedule!

Combat Updates

  • Death Messaging - Where you die matters!  Now your final death cries will announce the realm where you've fallen!
  • Unarmed Combat - Facing elemental creatures now mimic its melee counterparts, making unarmed combat easier to dispatch enemies of ice and fire!

Spells and Magic Updates

  • Prep Phrases Expansions - We've increased our limits from 10 custom prep phrases to 20!

Premium, Platinum, and Promotions Updates

  • Alter Scroll Sale - Throughout the summer, enjoy 10% off flares, enchanting, and padding.  You can also pick up a checkbook for only 400 points, a 33% savings!
  • REAL Gems - Be on the lookout for our famed REAL gems, hidden throughout Elanthia!
  • Private Property Ownership - We've offered a way for current renters to permanently own their property!

World and Town Updates

  • Elanthian Map - The map has transformed, giving details to all the expansions we've offered over the years!
  • Icemule Pawnshop - The shop owner at the pawnshop in Icemule now offers more information, as well as citizenship messaging!
  • Mist Harbor Adventurer's Guild - The long-awaited Locus Lyceum opens for bounty tasks on the Isle of Four Winds.

Items and Inventory Upgrades

  • Sorted View - LOOKing has never been the same!  You can now sort your containered inventory with our new flag, SORTEDVIEW!
  • Perfume - The ability to MEASURE how many applications of perfume you have is now live.  With this update comes the options of bottomless perfumes!
  • Item Utilities - Many scripts have undergone updates to include ANALYZE information.  We will continue to improve on older scripts to bring them into modern expectations throughout the summer!

You can follow along on our wiki page as well!  

Coming Soon!

Curious what's coming in the weeks to come?  How about a small taste?

  • SACRIFICE Updates
  • STAMINA Updates
  • More Unarmed Combat Updates
  • Greater Black Ora Updates!

See you during Week 2!

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