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Gemstone IV News

Journey Once Again to The Spitfire
Posted on 03/31/2015 07:51 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM



Hello friends, old and new! 

GemStone is built on interactions: the interaction between players, between GameMasters creating new things, and GameMasters directly interacting with you, our players! Historically, one of the largest (and certainly the most popular) venues for these interactions has been the merchant festival.  These events provide opportunities to customize your gear, buy new items that do neat and fluffy things, and get a lot of the game together in one area for a week at a time in a wonderful shared experience that will be remembered for years to come. 

We, the GameMasters of GemStone, would like to extend a warm welcome to one of our long running traditions: the Spitfire!  The Spitfire is a vessel full of halfling pirates who sail the Great Western Sea, taunting the Imperial Navy, preying on shipping (and tarts), and consuming copious amounts of textual booze. 

You are cordially invited aboard the Spitfire when it docks in Wehnimer’s Landing on Olaesta (April) 10th.  The famed vessel will remain in port for a full week to provide ample amounts of shopping.  There will be special weekend sessions of merchants working only for Free To Play accounts, while at the same time, other merchants offer services for the remainder of our Spitfire guests!  Everyone is welcome aboard to shop, interact with crew members, and maybe even become an honorary pirate! 

To help you gear up and get ready, this map from the Spitfire's last visit in 5111 might come in handy.  As the vessel has not undergone any redesign, the map is still quite useful! 

We've also got a list of many (but not all!) of the expected shops for the event for you:  

  • A Colorful Wagon           
  • A Cubby Hole           
  • A Frayed Knot           
  • Against the Wind           
  • Bait N' Tackle           
  • Baker's Baked Goods           
  • Bejeweled           
  • Bottoms Jup           
  • Can't Contain It           
  • Farain's Wagon           
  • Figurine It Out           
  • Find Yarr Way           
  • Fit to be Tied           
  • Green and Gold Tent           
  • Hardy Hair Hair           
  • Head Over Heels           
  • Huff and Puff           
  • It's in the Bag           
  • Lick of the Cat           
  • Lockit a Lot           
  • Lured In           
  • Make an Impact           
  • Mirror Mirror           
  • Nautical Novelties           
  • Naval A Salt           
  • Noble Affront           
  • On Point           
  • Parlay's Playthings           
  • Picks and Kits           
  • Pillaged and Plundered           
  • Pi-Rate Customers           
  • Quality Clothier           
  • Roll with It           
  • Romance for Two        
  • Sand in yer Hammock
  • Sea Dogs of War    
  • Sea Legs and Wings  
  • Shaver Me Timbers    
  • Skin Deep     
  • Song and Dance     
  • Stars of the Sea
  • Striking Point   
  • Tallytoe's Salvage   
  • Tasty Tarts  
  • The Cold Hold
  • The Companion's Companion        
  • The Cultured Corsair        
  • The Idle Edge
  • The Must's Half-Note  
  • The Oyster's Pearl 
  • The Reserve   
  • The Right Flank  
  • The Salty Sire  
  • The Sartorial Scallawag  
  • The Watery Wench   
  • The Workery  
  • To Plunder and Pillage   
  • Tott's Trusty Travel Trinkets  
  • Truefolk Treasures           
  • Vellum?  Damn Near Killed 'Em!           
  • Waterlogged           
  • What's Crackin?           
  • Wunderfully Wavuble Majuck


Finally, a partial list of the many merchants that will be in attendance.

  • Cularin       
  • Farain       
  • Fesnav       
  • Gizwizit       
  • Ianthra       
  • Imie       
  • Ingela       
  • Krelp       
  • Ledirth       
  • Lillabella       
  • Lottianne       
  • Phrolo       
  • Roxe       
  • Rumdotter       
  • Ryelle       
  • Sanster       
  • Sauli       
  • Stikla       
  • Tartingworth       
  • Thris       
  • Toebeard       
  • Tott       
  • Twobits       
  • Velade       
  • Zoltak
  • And many more!

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