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Duskruin Arena
Posted on 03/14/2015 06:21 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM

Duskruin Arena

Tucked away in seclusion near the Locksmehr River is place known as Bloodriven Village.  Notorious to bandits, outlaws, and ruffians to congregate and do business.  Located underground from the village, the infamous Duskruin Arena is a place of blood sports among the brave.  Earn special scrip to buy a wealth of prizes.  Many new items will be debuted at Bloodriven Village, such as scarring razors, pet rats, whisper cloaks, garrote knives, nerve staves, and much more!  Be sure to stop out and view the interesting locales and people of Bloodriven Village!

Rumor has it, some couriers who smuggled goods and combatants into the village were ransacked.  They were carrying coin pouches with bloodscrip and dueling slips, as well as simple handbills, to deliver to known fences around Elanthia.  Be on the look out to find them in treasure chests while you hunt!

Check the official wiki for more details!

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