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Gemstone IV News

Summit Expression Faire
Posted on 02/10/2015 03:54 PM CST by GS4-WYROM

Summit Expression Faire

Somewhere in the northern Dragonspine, there existed a school for the advanced teaching of alchemy, prestidigitation, and thaumaturgy. Young wizards traveled from across the lands to study and practice with the greatest magical masters. Rare ingredients were shared, incantations were whispered around warm fires, and apprentices, in time, became masters themselves. But over the years, the halls grew silent. The students no longer came. The old masters moved on, or retired to the cold stone towers.

 Until Sylinar, venerable professor and librarian, made it his mission to restore the college to its former greatness. The old elf opened his doors, eager to raise enough capital to fund his dream. Visitors came for services, souvenirs, shopping, and exploration. They befriended the old man and wondered over his "pet" griffin, Sebastian. They puzzled at Sylinar's odd remarks and the often strange and unexplained details they noticed within the tower. During the last visit, Sylinar hinted that he had work to do, and would not be available for months to come. 

And now, the reason is revealed...

Master Sylinar is thrilled to unveil the most recent renovations to the long forgotten Summit Academy! Several faculty members will be offering their services to a limited number of adventurers at the Summit Expression Faire. Your ticket will grant you access to explore the open grounds, meet some of the faculty, and obtain 3 of the following services:

  • Premade specialty logon and logoff messaging
  • Premade signature verbs
  • Premade spell prep messages (available for single spells, entire spell circles, or all spell casting)
  • Premade swears (may not be available during initial run)

Choose from a lengthy list of choices, already reviewed and approved. The faculty will teach you your lessons during your visit!

Sylinar's Spire will also be open (including his shops), although the professor will not be offering his services at this event. The Archives (containing the enhancive hiding griffin pins) will not be accessible during the Summit Expression Faire. 


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