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Gemstone IV News

Sylinar's Spire
Posted on 11/06/2014 09:37 AM CST by Webstaff

Sylinars Spine

Somewhere in the northern Dragonspine, there existed a school for the advanced teaching of alchemy, prestidigitation, and thaumaturgy.  Young wizards traveled from across the lands to study and practice with the greatest magical masters.  Rare ingredients were shared, incantations were whispered around warm fires, and apprentices, in time, became masters themselves.  But over the years, the halls grew silent.  The students no longer came.  The old masters moved on, or retired to the cold stone towers.  Eventually, even the name of the school itself was lost to antiquity…

Except for Sylinar, professor and librarian.  Sylinar, whose home has been the tower that bears his name since a time few can recall.  The venerable professor and cataloger of the magical annals has descended the spiraling stairs of the Spire, eager to raise funds in the hope of restoring the institution to its former greatness.  Sylinar will open his doors to a small number of curious adventurers, offering a glimpse of his home and a taste of his magical skill.


Events All Sign Up Ticket

Up to 50 adventurers can sign up for each of Sylinar’s four-hour tours.  There is a three service limit for each account.  Offered services are adding up to ten (10) charges to recharge an enhancive item, adding ten (10) charges or 10% of maximum charge capacity (whichever is greater) to an enhancive item, making a crumbly enhancive item permanent (will not crumble after last charge is used), or removing a single enhancive property from an item.
There will be a few shops to peruse, including items such as enhancive edibles, basic clothing, climate wear, scrolls, and scroll tubes.

Finally, every visitor will receive a special item free of charge:  a stylized golden griffin pin.  This item will hide any worn, non-container, non-combat gear, non-scripted enhancive item, as well as being able to indicate if a held item is enhancive.

When it is time for the tour, you may access the Spire via the MERCHANT verb.  Get your ticket today!

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