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Gemstone IV News

The Cessation of Coraesine Field
Posted on 03/11/2014 10:41 AM CDT by Producer


The Journey Ends

Several merchants stayed behind to watch the forest grow, magically, through the dryad's power. Or was it something else? It's tough to say. The forest repelled any who tried to enter now. Only the field with the newly planted trees could be entered. Arkford needed the adventurers to see this. But would they come for just the forest? No, likely not. He figured it was time to ask for the brave to come back, because by him returning to Coraesine Field, he ruined it. He would lure them in with the artisans. But this time, he would need their help to stop the forest, or die trying.


Event Dates and Ticket Prices (All times Eastern.  Each run starts at 9pm and ends 11:59pm)

Prime: March 28th - March 30th

  • Price: $199.99

Platinum: April 4th - April 6th

  • Price: $149.99

Shattered: April 4th - April 6th

  • Price: $149.99


Schedule (All times Eastern)*


  • 9pm -  Story: Opening 
  • 10pm - Glove Bow
  • 10:30pm -  Ethereal String
  • 11pm -  Self Mana Creation
  • 12am - (Midnight) Epic Deepening


  • 11am - Duping Quiver, Chrism Holders, and Hidden Bracer
  • 12pm (Noon) - Coraesine (Pure)
  • 12:30pm -  Coraesine (Impure)
  • 1pm - Undead Bane
  • 1:30pm - All Other Banes
  • 2pm - DB Enchanting/Creation
  • 2:30pm - Weight Reducing Containers
  • 3pm -  Spell Knowledge Enhancives
  • 4:30pm -  X/Day Rune Tattoos
  • 6pm - Storyline: Break 
  • 7pm -  Resistance Raffle/Spin 
  • 8pm - Weighting/Sighting
  • 9pm -  Padding
  • 9:30pm - Defender
  • 10pm - TD 
  • 11pm - Flares (25)


  • 11am -  Script Adding (Tier 1)
  • 12pm (Noon) - Enchanting
  • 4pm Flares - (25)
  • 7pm - Door Prizes
  • 8pm - Storyline: Ending


* Shattered schedule is not included.

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