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Gemstone IV News

Droughtman's Maze Challenge: Holiday Run
Posted on 12/05/2013 01:38 PM CST by GS4-WYROM

"What on Elanith is Droughtman's Challenge?" you ask!

Droughtman himself has answers:

"If you dare to accept my call, you'll enter my Maze as one of ten contestants whose task is simple, yet as twisted as the very walls that surround you!  Abandoning all your supplies, you'll be given access to an arming room of basic gear to choose from and a survival kit containing some acantha leaf, some powerful healing medicine, and a mysterious wand (No licking or eating the wands!  The Management is not responsible for any injuries!)

"Into the Maze you'll go, seeking your way to the White Door.   Along the way, you'll find several colored doors.   When you start your journey, some will block your path and others will be wide open, at least until someone pulls one of the many colored levers you'll find around the Maze!  Some levers will open doors that were closed!   Some levers will close doors that were open!  Some levers will not only open some doors, but also close others, too!  But remember, while you're pulling levers trying to open the right doors that lead you to glory, nine other people are doing the same thing!  Strategy and cunning are key!

"Key?   I almost forgot!  To get through the White Door, you'll need to find a golden key.  In various places throughout the Maze, you'll find ropes dangling from the ceiling.  Give one a pull, if you feel lucky, and you just might get a key!  Then again, who knows what else might happen!

"One important word!  Death is but an inconvenience here, since dying will merely move you back to the beginning of the maze.  In truth, victory will likely favor the fleet of foot and nimble of mind, although I'm sure that the strong of body will do everything they can to slow them down!

"Everyone will be on equal footing inside the maze.   There are no special advantages for the old and powerful, just as there are none for the young and weak!  There's limited magic spells, no society powers, and no combat maneuvers allowed by the contestants!

"This is a Challenge worthy of true Champions and Heroes as the gods truly intended... skill, cunning, and brains are just as important (if not more-so) as brute force."


Challengers and spectators alike can enter the arena through several black marble arches found throughout the lands:

Wehnimer's Landing - Town Square Southeast
Solhaven - South Market
Icemule - Icemule Temple, Foyer
Teras - Vaalin Street, Temple District
Ta'Illistim - Shimmarglin Var
Ta'Vaalor - Amaranth Court
Zul Logoth - Hall of Arches
Mist Harbor - Mist Harbor Inn, Approach
River's Rest - River Road (outside the Captain's Quarters)
Cysaegir - Linsandrych Common


Grand Prize

The grand prize is going to be a little bit different this time around. You will get the following:

  • 3,000 SimuCoins

And then choose one (1) of the following:

  • +1 fusion slot (cap of 4 slots)
  • +5 enchant
  • +10 sighting
  • +10 weighting
  • +10 padding

Prize Pool

  1. a faintly luminescing glowbark runestaff capped with a twisted green kelyn leaf
  2. a slender silver lor runestaff bound with petrified flaeshorn vines
  3. a tenebrous globe of ether
  4. a tenebrous globe of ether
  5. a pair of thick rolaren gauntlets with articulated fingers
  6. a pair of thick rolaren gauntlets with a brass-riveted plate on each palm
  7. a bejeweled quartz stone case embossed with a coiled maze roa'ter
  8. an enruned dark glaes scarab brooch covered with a silver-swept crystal carapace
  9. an enruned witchwood box
  10. a cabochon of silver-ringed cerulean aetherstone
  11. some matte black spidersilk robes banded with viridian satin on the sleeves
  12. a lacquered silvery sephwir longbow with curved spiral nocks
  13. a folded silvery eonake katana with a polished eahnor guard
  14. a folded black rolaren katana with a polished eahnor guard
  15. an enruned dark ironwood greatshield inlaid with polished eahnor chevrons
  16. an enruned black rolaren buckler with a polished convex surface
  17. a suit of smoky glaes platemail with polished rolaren poleyns
  18. an opalescent cobalt vaalin band set with a nacreous blue waterweb
  19. a ruic-stemmed dark glaes pipe with a faceted firestone bowl
  20. a glaes-runed verdant faenor claidhmore
  21. a thin-bladed silvery zorchar kris engraved with a line of blackened runes
  22. a tapered ruddy gornar espadon with a deep-carved fuller
  23. a rectangular rolaren-headed maul set with rhimar and drakar runes
  24. a drakar-spiked blackened steel morning star with a scorched white oak handle
  25. a double-edged cobalt rhimar warblade set with a frost agate pommel stone
  26. an iron-reinforced wyrwood heavy crossbow with a brass-plated stock
  27. a suit of triple-linked golvern augmented chainmail with dagged sleeves
  28. a suit of celestial blue rolaren scalemail with ermine trim
  29. a pair of thick golvern arm greaves inset with bars of polished rolaren
  30. a darkened grey illthorn harp strung with silvery rolaren
  31. a slender kelyn-tipped pike with a polished white oak shaft
  32. a fel-hafted golvern waraxe
  33. a thick rolaren-studded tetsubo with a polished ironwood haft
  34. a pair of copper-banded mithglin bracers set with tiny rolaren gears
  35. a copper-coiled fireleaf rune staff capped with a glowing glaesine orb
  36. a pair of lead-toed leather boots
  37. a pair of rolaren-threaded casting gloves with scorched fingertips
  38. an engraved crimson eahnor greathelm with a glaes-paned visor
  39. a rune-carved silvery lor staff
  40. a slender dark illthorn staff
  41. a pair of golvern-studded thick leather gauntlets
  42. an ermine-lined cobalt wool cloak with a clasp of fused gold coins
  43. a pair of thick leather gauntlets with eonake knuckle studs
  44. a gold-runed crimson eahnor quiver
  45. a glass-topped ironwood humidor inset with curled rolaren scrollwork
  46. a black rapture cloak
  47. an eahnor and silvery leather bracer
  48. a reinforced crimson eahnor cuirass inset with numerous thin golden rods
  49. a checkered azure and silver silk cloak clasped with a burnished golvern chain
  50. a rounded black cobblestone painted with a pair of golden feline eyes
  51. a pair of lead-weighted leather gauntlets
  52. a rhimar-cored silvery glaes greataxe with a leather-wrapped white oak handle
  53. a polished cabochon of fulgurite pendant set on a rune-carved rolaren backing
  54. a woven reed and dried wiregrass pouch
  55. a tanned leather wand bandolier with waxed brown canvas loops
  56. an enruned white ora armillary sphere with brass and copper rings
  57. a curved dark ironwood scabbard set with faceted firestone cabochons
  58. a coiled black vaalin wyvern ring set with smoky quartz crystal claws
  59. a coiled green vaalin serpent bracelet set with smoky quartz crystal scales
  60. a faceted sliver of grey shadowglass
  61. a sturdy tanned leather belt set with silver-flecked white crystal beads
  62. a circular faenor ivy vine medallion
  63. an ebonwood gilt-worked staff
  64. an eonake-runed mithril mace
  65. an eonake-runed mithril talon sword
  66. an eonake-runed mithril warlance
  67. an eonake-runed mithril flamberge
  68. a cyan-speckled alabaster mushroom
  69. a roan-speckled alabaster mushroom
  70. a lime-speckled alabaster mushroom
  71. a kohl-speckled alabaster mushroom
  72. a fawn-speckled alabaster mushroom
  73. a weathered leather coin pouch stitched with strands of veniom thread
  74. a deeply hooded black muslin burnoose stitched with argent runes down its sleeves
  75. a blackened leather harness traced with argent scrollwork
  76. a gleaming eonake naginata with a single wing-shaped blade
  77. a distressed leather-wrapped bludgeon weighted with kelyn
  78. a white opal torus
  79. a grooved eahnor dagger with an onyx-inset bone handle
  80. some opalescent vaalin-framed spectacles
  81. a grey moonstone cube
  82. a slender silver and alexandrite anklet
  83. some raven black full leathers with tenebrous straps
  84. a faded silver spidersilk belt clasped with a circular krodera buckle
  85. a faded silver spidersilk belt clasped with a circular eonake buckle
  86. a faded silver spidersilk belt clasped with a circular golvern buckle
  87. a faded silver spidersilk belt clasped with a circular eahnor buckle
  88. a faded silver spidersilk belt clasped with a circular veniom buckle
  89. a reinforced steel coat-of-plates
  90. a tarnished steel javelin with a sharpened razern tip
  91. a shredded section of a gown
  92. some sturdy black leather boots heeled with solid illthorn
  93. some sturdy black leather boots heeled with solid glowbark
  94. some sturdy black leather boots heeled with solid lor
  95. some sturdy black leather boots heeled with solid witchwood
  96. a vitreous alexandrite bracelet
  97. a translucent alexandrite bracelet
  98. a slim alexandrite bracelet
  99. some dark steel full plate lined with plush honey badger fur
  100. a tarnished steel breastplate
  101. some honey badger pelt robes
  102. some sculpted steel armor lined with plush honey badger fur
  103. some honey badger pelt leathers
  104. some supple full leather stitched together from honey badger pelts
  105. a tarnished steel katar with sharpened razern blades
  106. an eonake-caged soulstone amulet
  107. a torn section of a cotehardie
  108. a flat-topped golden rolaren band set with spectral blue crystal runes
  109. a leaf-bladed veil iron partisan
  110. a thin-bladed dark veil iron wakizashi

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