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Wehnimer's Landing Lawless [Platinum]
Posted on 08/27/2013 02:44 PM CDT by Webstaff

On Day of the Huntress, krolvin were spotted and talked to, after the mayor's office was broken into.  Adventurers found the mayor's finger, as well as a decapitated krolvin hanging from a plaque in the office.  The inspector was also found bound and knocked out in the vault of the office.

A gold ring led to the krolvin mines, where the ringleader from the other night was found.  He went on a rampage after Jaired had poisoned him, killing many.  Krolvin nearly took control of the town, but the poison finally took the ringleader out, causing the krolvin to retreat.

A krolvin scout was captured and questioned, explaining in great detail about the krolvin who abducted the mayor, but you'll likely need to speak to those that were there for the low down.
Today, Wehnimer's Landing was ransacked, Moot Hall torched, and a great number of townsfolk slain.  Shopkeepers fled the town for their life, and riots broke out.  It was discovered that there was a note left behind Moot Hall, likely left from the Day of the Huntress when the job wasn't finished.

The constable pronounced Wehnimer's Landing lawless and advised adventurers to leave the town.

As the chaos was happening, the mayor's bodyguard, Vaein, was abducted.

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