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Wehnimer's Landing Mayor Abducted [Platinum]
Posted on 08/20/2013 01:53 AM CDT by GS4-WYROM

In the evening hours of Restday, a half-krolvin slaver, disguised as a merchant, abducted Mayor Hraus Felhar.  Several krolvin slavers, as well as a few other disguised merchants, were slain around town.  A brute of a krolvin taunted adventurers, and put his battle axe to work, dispatching those who tried to discover the mayor's location.  But the krolvin met his end, taking any information to the grave with him.

Several Elanthians took to the Lysierian Hills, to see if the local denizens knew anything.  They were met by some corsairs and swashbucklers.  Eventually, they were met by the ringleader, a haggard krolvin built like a brickhouse.  The adventurers demanded information, and he gave them a price.  With no one willing to pay, he grew restless with several there, and butchered them, leaving the Hills.

One adventurer went exploring for clues, but found the trail was now cold, but there was in fact a cold trail.  Was that were the mayor was held captive?  Tough to say without the fact.  But a dark-sailed barque was seen sailing out of Darkstone Bay later that night.

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