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Returning to Coraesine Field
Posted on 04/25/2013 03:54 PM CDT by Webstaff

Events Return to Coraesine

The Journey Begins

A representative of the merchant consortium, Arkford of Selanthia, grew curious of the plot of land known as Coraesine Field. It had been four long years since diplomats gathered, and the disasters that followed. He decided it was time to return to the field, and see what had become of it. Last he knew, the gnomes caused an explosion and destroyed much of the spire during their visit in 5109. Arkford packed his things and began his journey toward the Elven Nations, to the area near Ta'Illistim known as Coraesine Field.


Upon arrival, he found the field in turmoil. The various buildings were laid to waste, with foliage reclaiming most of the unattended land. Rubble and debris littered the pathways, and the oculus was stripped of any coraesine. Surrounding the former festivities lay a vast open field that remained uncultivated.

The Bog Oak Forest

Arkford noticed an oddity beyond the field. A bog oak forest that was not logged in any of the happenings of 5109. But the forest was mammoth in size, much larger than anything that could have began growing only four years ago. He explored the vast forest, but the foliage that claimed the land as home made the trails hard to follow. It seemed like the forest was even larger from the time he entered it until he exited it. How could this be? How could a forest grow that much in such a small amount of time? Arkford spent days wandering through the forest's depths, each time he entered, it seemed to be different. Will-o'-wisps fluttered through out the area, like colorful motes. Small hillsides interrupted the greenery, bringing with them narrow brooks and streams. Arkford eventually found a massive sprawling oak tree, and while observing this old guardian of the forest, he saw a beautiful creature off in the distance; a dryad. But she never stayed for long. Even when Arkford would wait for her, her presence was there for a fleeting moment. Was she the cause of the forest?

Planning the Festival

But it didn't stop Arkford from planning a festival. Over the next several days, he began cleaning up the pathways, and tearing down the former remains of pavilions and tents, or well, he did the best he could. He gained the help of local farmers to help clear out debris and rubble, some of them helping with the field and attempting to cut down the overgrowth emerging from the forest.

Arkford began inviting merchants from across the land, in hopes they could represent the dream that once was the Coraesine Field. To rebuild, to rejoice, and to celebrate the rebirth of spring. Familiar faces began arriving, setting up their various wagons and tents, with plenty of wares to offer. Many merchants bringing with them their best wares, and greatest services yet.

The Invitation

They decided to invite adventurers to the festivities, but the attendance needed to be limited. Arkford began sending out special invitations, as well as fliers for the "Return to Coraesine Field." During their delivery, however, bandits ransacked the couriers, and the envelopes were scattered across Elanthia. Hopefully adventurers like you can recover some of these special invitations!

Events All Sign Up Ticket

Event Dates and Ticket Prices (All times Eastern.  Each run starts at 9pm and ends 11:59pm)

Price: $74.95

Prime (Run 1): June 7th - June 14th

Platinum: July 12th - July 19th

Prime (Run 2): August 2nd - August 9th

Prime (Run 3): September 6th - September 13th

Events All Sign Up Ticket

Help the Bog Oak Forest Grow

A mysterious forest surrounds Coraesine Field.  No records indicate that it existed 4 years ago.  One of the denizens of the forest, a dryad, has been seen asking for help.  She wishes the forest to grow.  Will you answer her call?  Some say other forces are at play, that could cause a blight!  Explore the forest and discover its secrets!

Free Tickets, Vouchers, and Fliers

During your adventures, you may come across a sealed parchment envelope within a treasure chest.  These envelopes may contain vouchers for special services or discounted pricing for MAJOR services at the festival.  You could even be lucky enough to find a free ticket to the event itself!  For the most part though, they will be fliers advertising Returning to Coraesine Field.

Merchants and Services 

Merchants from across Elanthia have come to celebrate the rebirth of Coraesine Field.  And with their arrival, they will be offering many great services, items, and shops!


  • Alvie
  • Anfenarie
  • Ayzaila
  • Cidolfhus
  • Drotta
  • Eosten
  • Fitzwobbin
  • Gizwizit
  • Glimger
  • Groulin
  • Hkala
  • Hurdragof
  • Ianthra
  • Joola
  • Juleana
  • Ledirth
  • Liraquin
  • Mriwyn
  • Mychus
  • Rashiva
  • Roxe
  • Rumblestump
  • Sauli
  • Siolan
  • Skryn
  • Stiletto
  • Taeliryn
  • Treysen
  • ...And More!

Major Services

  • AsG Change
  • Blink Weapons
  • Chrism Holder Creation (Prayer of Protection (303) Enhancive Spell Knowledge)
  • ChronoFlares
  • ClimateWare Creation (Camoflauge (608) Enhancive Spell Knowledge)
  • Creature Banes
  • DB Item Creation
  • Enchanting
  • GambleKit Creation (Foresight (1204) Enhancive Spell Knowledge)
  • GoryWeapon Creation (Zealot (1617) Enhancive Spell Knowledge)
  • Make-a-Returner
  • Padding
  • Permabless
  • Pure Coraesine
  • Resistance
  • Self Charging Item Creation
  • Sighting
  • Soul Glove/Spirit Bow
  • Splitting Weapons
  • Target Defense
  • Weight Reducing Containers
  • Weighting

Minor Service

  • Acuity/Mana Flare Boosts
  • Animal Companion Grooming
  • Armor and Weapon Moods Package
  • Banshee Flares
  • Bubble Flares
  • Common/Uncommon Flares (Armor and Shields)
  • Common/Uncommon Flares (Weapons)
  • Custom Loresongs
  • Custom Nightmares
  • Custom Perfume
  • Custom Signature Verbs
  • Custom Sonics
  • Custom Spell Preps
  • Custom Titles
  • Custom Log On/Off
  • Defender Bonuses
  • Disarm Returner
  • Enhancive Permanence
  • Enhancive Recharging
  • Enhancive Removal
  • Enhancive Swapping
  • Enhancive Weapons
  • Epic Deepening
  • EzScript Package
  • Feature Concealing Hoods (Not ClimateWear)
  • Fusion Bows (3-slot)
  • HiddenBracer
  • High End Enchanting Potions
  • Impure Coraesine
  • Ironwright Flares
  • Ithzir Armor Flares
  • Magic item Recharging
  • Pocket Adding
  • Removal Service
  • Rotating Flares
  • Rune Tattoos
  • S Class Battle Minis
  • Stock Signature Verb Package
  • Uncommon Sorcerer Rune Teaching
  • Weightless Containers
  • ...And Much More!

Script Unlocking and Adding

During the course of the week, many (fluff) scripts will be added and unlocked!

Consolation Prize

Should you not be able to claim a MAJOR service, the consolation prize is a fully unlocked ClimateWear garment from a stock list of descriptions.  We will make every effort during the weekend to make sure MAJOR services are released.


  • Alvie's Outfitters
  • Bottled Time
  • Caravan Consignments
  • Consumption Junction
  • Do It With Flare
  • Embitter's Elementary Elements
  • Exposed
  • Feets of Fury
  • Fitzwobbin's Figures
  • Groulin's Tent
  • Hat's Off
  • Hkala's Wagon
  • Hues of Radiance
  • Hurdragof's Wagon
  • In the Palm of Your Hand
  • Ladies' Liberties
  • Lean On Me
  • Mychus' Wagon
  • Sand and Storm/Fire and Ice
  • Sew and Tell
  • Something In The Air
  • Staves of A Cuteness
  • Stein Heritage
  • Stiletto's Stash
  • Taking Sides
  • The Emerald Rose
  • Treysen's Trappings
  • Wrapped in Elegance
  • Ylima Pala
  • ...And Much More!

Events All Sign Up Ticket

Lite Entry

Each month, after the initial run, we will be offering a lite festival experience.  This will include the grounds, the shopping, and the quest.  There will be absolutely no merchant activity during this portion of the event.  Vouchers for special services can be redeemed (discounts for MAJOR services will be irrelevant) at this portion of the event.

Price: $19.95

Events All Sign Up Ticket

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