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Gemstone IV News

Premium Spell of the Month
Posted on 04/04/2013 08:16 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM

Storyline Recap

Tzefira, a Dryad, came forth from the jungle with warnings of the wind changing. She sensed death and evil approaching. She feared that once the butterflies leave and the wind changes, something bad would happen. She enlisted the help of a mysterious spellcaster to try to prepare the townsfolk for what was to come. The sorcerer asked for a handful of gems found only on the Island to use to help his magic. Several search parties went out looking, hunting Grimswarm on the Island to no avail. Luckily, two intrepid adventurers had the gems and were willing to give them to Tzefira. She pleaded that if she not return within two days time to avenge her, and notified those present that the spellcaster works on Tigerlily Avenue. 

Meanwhile, the storms have been gathering strength, and rain has persisted on the island for several days. With this evening's huge culminating storm and the final change in the wind, the butterflies have departed. Tzefira returned from helping the spellcaster looking wan and pale, obviously having used much of her strength combining her magic with his. The fruits of their labor, however, should give everyone some help with what is to come. The evil Tzefira predicted has yet to come to pass...

Now Introducing... Premium Spell of the Month

What is this new thing, you ask? Ever wonder what certain spells were like? Play a wizard and look on in envy at all the spells that sorcerer's have? Just want to try something new? This item is meant to let Premium members try new spells that they might not have access to ordinarily, and play around with them.

The Premium spell of the month items house a spell that will change each month and fluctuate between a spell of war and a defensive/utility spell. These items can be activated by either rub or wave, casting the spell once or twice a day (depending on the spell). They will require a small amount of Magic Item Use training. Casting Elemental Detection (405) or Loresinging will reveal more.

Available to all Premium members, the new spell of the month items are located on Tigerlily Avenue in Mist Harbor, in the marble edifice. They are attuned to whoever picks it up, but everyone can have one if they have access to the Prestidigitorium! The first spell is 304 (Bless Item). Simply hold a blessable item in your hand and rub your talisman to get the benefit!

The items are fully alterable appearance wise, and they all cast the same spell. Just choose the one off the table that is worn in the place you'd want to wear yours!


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