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Gemstone IV News

The Throne of Ta'Vaalor!
Posted on 03/28/2013 02:58 AM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

By order of the Council of Houses of Ta'Vaalor:  After countless hours of deliberation, we have narrowed the list of possible names to be considered for the vacant throne of Ta'Vaalor. 

Lord Legionnaire Commander Jaranzair Nashal Vaalor

Qalinor Falustro Vaalor, Steward of Ta'Vaalor

Legionnaire Commander Bessalavel Vaalor the Crimson Legion Officer

High Lady Eireanzara er'Anlan Vaalor, Noble of Ta'Vaalor

High Legionnaire Commander Cyik Elenelon Vaalor the Crimson Legion Officer

It is by decree of the Council of Houses that on Feastday, the 30th day of Charlatos, in the year 5113 at seven in the evening, as the elves tell time, there will be a public forum for the purpose of questioning the candidates. Lesser Actuary Thaon will moderate a debate between the candidates on how each will proceed to rule, what they have planned for Ta'Vaalor, and how they might hope to make it prosper.  Bring any other questions you choose.  The public forum will be held in the Wyvern Keep, Meeting Hall.

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