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Gemstone IV News

King Tyrnian Dead!
Posted on 10/08/2012 09:34 AM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

King Tyrnian Vaalor, monarch of Ta'Vaalor, was assassinated on Restday, day 7 of the month Jastatos in the year 5112.  He leaves behind no Heir.  Reluctantly, Lord Legionnaire Commander Qalinor Falustro Vaalor has agreed to resign his commission within the Legion to accept the position of Steward of Ta'Vaalor until such time as the Noble Families of Vaalor can be convened regarding the crown.  

      "We are all deeply moved by the loss of our King.  The city mourns, yet life cruelly continues without feeling, thought, or regard for our loss.  Vaalor will press forward, Vaalor will recover, and Vaalor will rebuild.   As the Witch has been slain, the gates will remain open again and daily life will return to what passes for normal during such times.  Funeral arrangements for King Tyrnian Vaalor are being made and will be announced when finalized.  To those of you who came to help defend our city I say, for Pride, Honor, and Glory.....words empty of meaning without action.  Many of you have given them meaning by your actions. I give you my humble thanks."

                                                                                                                               ~Qalinor Falustro Vaalor Steward of Ta'Vaalor

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