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Ancient Relic in Wehnimer's Museum
Posted on 05/13/2012 11:40 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

After a week of research, the Archmage Pherantyr and Museum Curator Glethad discovered the lore behind the green orb that fell from the sky near Wehnimer's Landing.  On Feastday, the 12th of Ivastaen, the curator Glethad held a lecture detailing the relic's history and finally revealed it on display on the second floor of the Wehnimer's Museum.


A scribe, who was present, recorded Glethad's announcement and has shared its entirety. After hearing the lore behind the orb, many citizens present became concerned over attracting dangerous and unwanted attention to their town.


Glethad's Speech on the Green Orb:


"It's so very nice to see all of you. I haven't gotten the chance to meet everyone, so I hope to see more of all of you over the next few weeks as I settle more into my duties here. Now I'm sure many of you were aware of that twinkling green light in the sky for awhile, yes?"


"But only days ago, that light fell from the sky in the shape of an emerald orb, creating a bit of a hole outside of town. A visiting gnome, as some of you may recall, found the orb and entrusted it to our noble Mayor, who in turn delivered it to me."


"After conducting extensive research, I have determined the orb is a historical relic of sorts. Which means its display in our museum couldn't be more fitting! So tonight I intend to share all I have learned, and hopefully you will be as fascinated as I am!"


 "Ancient legends speak of a primordial artifact, known by a number of various names. In the western coastal towns of the Empire, they call it the Gale Stone. To the Illistim and Nalfein elves of the east, their history names it the Eye of Ta'Ashrim. But to the seafaring krolvin of the north, they know it as the Herndrok'gno'Khar'ta, the Star of Khar'ta."


"While the names and origins vary, the relic's powerful magic is known to them all. The artifact, as you can see by it on display, appears as a flawless crystal green orb, its deep emerald hue holding a faint blue undertone. Historical reports suggest that when the orb's powers are activated, the blue light within churns like the vortex of a raging storm."


"Now perhaps you are asking yourself, what great magic does this orb hold? The stone, eye, or star, whichever name you prefer, possesses the power to control the weather, as mildly or violently as the user deems necessary. I would hope for obvious reasons, the devastation this artifact can bring about is apparent. I've been thoroughly questioned by our good Mayor as to if it's even safe to be on display."


"I assure you all, it is."


"My former master, the Archmage Pherantyr has worked his powerful runes into the pedestal, as you can see. Only he or myself have the power to remove them. In addition to the magical wardings, I do not believe the power of the orb is so easily manipulated."


"While each culture holds a significantly different view on the artifact, none of them believe it can be wielded or controlled by any simple hedgewizard. In fact, most believe it is only by divine intervention, or destiny if you will, that such power can be harnessed."


"First I will speak of the elves. Illistim cultural lore suggests that the artifact, known to them as the Eye of Ta'Ashrim, is a powerful relic that was created during the final days of Ta'Ashrim's destruction. Their rumors insist that the orb contains thousands of spirits of the massacred Ashrim, and that their hatred for the Faendryl binds them to the orb and fuels its power."


"Scholars argue that the orb was lost in one of the final battles against the Faendryl and that it sunk to the depths of the sea, its location only known by the Arkati Charl himself."


"Some of those same scholars teach that one day, the Eye of Ta'Ashrim will return to the world and that it will once again be controlled by elven blood. When this day comes, it will herald in a new golden age for the Elven Houses."


"Now, when we speak it as the Gale Stone, as called by the humans of the west, it is relatively unknown throughout a majority of the Turamzzyrian Empire. It's legend is mostly kept to the coastal towns like Brisker's Cove, Fairport and Ubl."


"It is widely spoken about among the seafaring professions and they believe it holds a much different origin than the elves describe. Their storytellers and sailors, even pirates, claim that the Gale Stone was once a dwarven-created artifact housed on the Isle of Kezmon.  In fact, some insist the relic was responsible for the mysterious sinking of the island."


"I have looked into this further and can tell you that dwarven historians have refuted this claim and have no recorded knowledge of the artifact. It is not uncommon for sailors to set out from Ubl to travel near the supposed location of the sunken island of Kezmon, hoping perhaps one day that the relic will resurface and grant them its vast elemental powers."


"None, however, are more fanatic than the krolvin. They view the artifact in a dangerous light, as driven zealots. The blue-skinned warriors claim it is from the very essence of their most revered god, Khar'ta, who is known as Charl to the rest of Elanthia."


"Their lore was a bit more challenging to find, but I was successful for the most part. Their history states that the orb, the Star of Khar'ta, once fell from the sky near the krolvin homeland. A powerful Czag Dubra, or warlord, came into possession of the orb. After it was apparent he could control its power, they renamed him the Czag'Herndrok, or starbringer."


"He then led a great fleet of his brethren to the island now known as Glaoveln, which had been the largest krolvin expansion to date. Upon successful cultivation of the island, the Czag'Herndrok traveled to the shore of Glaoveln, where he fell to the sand. The orb rose up out of his hands and ascended into the sky, disappearing. As his lieutenant knelt to his side, the "starbringer" declared that the Star of Khar'ta would return one day and be a divine signal for the next great krolvin expansion."


"While it has been hundreds of years since this artifact has ever been seen, we know now at least one part of the legends is true."


"It has returned."

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