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Gemstone IV News

Murder in the Shining City
Posted on 04/30/2012 04:06 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

It has been reported throughout Elanthia that King Tyrnian Vaalor arrived in the Shining City today and was warmly met with much respect and joy. The Argent Mirror formally greeted him in person, and then they exchanged presents and introductions. It has been said that King Tyrnian acted a bit odd, but nothing specific to note.

The Argent Mirror held a ball in his honor with formal performance by Lady Jersea and Court Minstrel Lord Calysen.

During the ball, the body of Lord Chalat was found outside the keep with his throat cut. In his hand, he held a scrap of dark velvet material with ivory beading. It was noted that the Handmaidens were all wearing gowns of that material, as was the Faendryl Ambassador Lord Tredohal, although one handmaiden was reported to have changed gowns halfway through the ball.

The body was moved to a private place where a more complete inspection could occur. Commander Murstyr is leading the investigation into the murder, and is asking any with information to come forward

Following this tragedy, King Tyrnian left immediately for the Fortress. Reportedly there was an attack upon his party as it was en route to the ferry, but no casualties were suffered, and the king was unharmed.

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