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Gemstone IV News

Albatross Docks in Solhaven
Posted on 03/30/2012 01:52 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM

The Albatross will be docking in Solhaven for a short week of gambling between Olaesta 2nd and 6th. Under its new Captain, Gostahl, the riverboat has some plans to hire some new staff, as well as renovate the vessel's interior. Due to these changes, the Albatross will be halting all scheduled appearances after this trip until Koaratos, when it will be in Wehnimer's Landing. But fear not, Gostahl's Dicing will be held this voyage to Solhaven!

Famed Pirate Cidolfhus has also agreed to have his cart of wares just outside the Albatross this visit, sporting new items to purchase, as well as having made upgrades to previous equipment sold. He will be offering some services throughout this visit (unlocking to items from the cart).

Rumors also have circulated about the disappearance of former Captain Lahveew. Some believe he was in debt to the wrong people...

~Wyrom, ASGM
Host Manager
GameMaster Trainer
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