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Gemstone IV News

Breath Near the Bay
Posted on 03/04/2012 05:36 PM CST by GS4-KENSTROM

A gnome by the name of Grevisth, revealed to be a ringleader for a cult of Luukosians, has continued to cause strife within town by summoning spheres of emerald-hued energy that contain powerful undead.  Are these spheres truly beacons that draw the Felstorm closer to town?  Meanwhile, the Felstorm has moved near the mouth of Maelstrom Bay.  Emissaries from The Order of Voln arrived to offer aid and report their findings to the main chapter near Wehnimer's Landing.  Time is running out for the people of River's Rest to flee to safety, and there have been reports of townspeople grabbing all they can carry before hurrying to the docks to catch the next ship sailing out of town.  Will the mad pirate Hralth be able to offer anything else?  Does the mysterious man known as the Watcher know where to turn next?  Will Vordilian be able to find a way into the Gattrof Mountains?

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