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Gemstone IV News

Albatross Has a New Captain
Posted on 01/26/2012 04:19 PM CST by GS4-WYROM

Late in the evening on Leyan, Captain Lahveew of the Albatross was seen leaving the riverboat, almost disguised with a hooded cloak and dark clothing.  He made his way to the Krawling Kraken Inn, where he met with several seedy patrons at the tavern.  After several hours, Lahveew made his way back to the Albatross and made an announcement to the patrons gambling and to the staff of the riverboat. 

"As of this evening, I put the Albatross in the hands of Gostahl, may good fortune always bless this riverboat!"

After the shocking news, Lahveew was seen packing his things hastily, equipping himself with several weapons and armor pieces from the staff quarters.  Gostahl was seen trying to have a word with the former captain, but Lahveew said it would all make sense in time and exited into the streets of Solhaven.  Lahveew hasn't been seen since that night.

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