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Gemstone IV News

A Night at the Academy!
Posted on 01/26/2012 04:17 PM CST by Webstaff

Events Academy

The Turamzzyrian Academy of Elanthian History!

Once maintained by Lord and Lady Tallary, the Turamzzyrian Academy of Elanthian History hosts a bounty of artifacts from all across Elanthia.  Lord and Lady Tallary spent hours researching artifacts and were once considered the cornerstone of archeological history and its preservation.  Historians from around the world would come to the Academy with unknown artifacts, and their team of scholars would find answers for them. 

In 5102, the Academy opened an enormous Hunt for History, the second of its kind, and asked adventurers from around the globe to solve the various puzzles that presented themselves to the scholars.  It was a grand undertaking that is still fondly remembered by adventurers.  Unfortunately, several years later a curse befell the Academy.

During the occupation of Solhaven by the Sheruvian villan Draezir, a curse befell the keep, and those that sought help from Vornavis to quickly exterminate it were killed on their way to the Baron.  The Lord and Lady Tallary, as well as many of the great scholars of the time and all their servants, were slaughtered by a malign spirit that had arisen from one of the artifacts they were studying.  By the time the Vornavians had discovered what had happened, it was far too late.  Unrest now roams in the haunted halls of the Academy, though much of the time it can be kept peaceful within.

Not much is known about the spirit that haunts the Academy, though it is not the only phantasm.  Several of the past residents of the Academy wander the halls as well.  It is rumored that in the final hours of the Academy, one of the scholars placed a spell on the artifacts to preserve them from thieves.  This spell creates an energy that passes from one artifact to another, and if a ghost, spirit, or any other being passes into the field, it causes them to explode.  Yet, somehow, every once in a while, something manages to take some artifacts and hide them somewhere on the grounds.  That's when the undead within start to grow strong and rise up more and more.

When the undead do rise, Vornavis guardsmen hire out adventurers to set the problem straight!  Adventurers explore the Academy grounds, and while battling undead, search the area for the artifacts to return them to their proper locations.  Once that's done, everything seems to settle down for a time.  There's a time limit involved, however, because as the undead energies keep rising, eventually the adventurers will be overwhelmed!

Up to 10 players can participate in this small-scale "quest" that takes roughly three hours to complete. This is a task-based quest that relies on good party balance and a breadth of available party skills. Players are strongly encouraged to bring a diverse group of professions, especially a cleric, an empath, a rogue, and a bard for maximum success. It is also suggested that players may want to group up with others close to their own level, as the creatures in the quest will be scaled to match the levels of group members. Also, don't forget to bring your blessed weapon, and have the ability to rebless! Race the clock to collect hidden artifacts before the undead rise to block your path!

To participate, visit the SimuCoin Store for a Quest Nexus Orb.

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