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Gemstone IV News

Evil Dwells on Erythro Island [Prime]
Posted on 12/21/2011 05:40 PM CST by GS4-KENSTROM

Last night a massive storm raged across the skies, its black clouds enveloping all of Upper Trollfang and Lower Dragonsclaw before darkening the sky above Wehnimer's Landing. Citizens reported that women all over town kept seeing and hearing the image of a sea blue-eyed man, beckoning them to follow him during the storm.

As heroes rushed into the wilds to battle a few waves of golems, wraiths and dark spirits, women were seen in droves pouring out of their homes and shops and shambling towards the Wehnimer's Museum while enthralled.

Columns of red light shot up from the bone pillars near Wehnimer's Landing, five scarlet beams ascending into the sky and being absorbed by a gigantic black cloud above the town. Witnesses watched in horror as the cloud drew inward and suddenly exploded with a brilliant crimson light, bathing the entire area in its glow as black sigils could be seen rising up from the town and shattering in the air, heralding the breaking of the town's magical wards.

Back at the museum, heroes gathered outside and tried to prevent more women from entering, but many still slipped through. Grishom Stone was seen inside of the museum lobby, with a huge red portal behind him as all of the women mindlessly wandered into it. Some adventurers were able to resist Grishom's magical spell and their warnings helped to break the enchantment on some of the women, who fled upon seeing their situation..

Seeing his influence waning, Grishom disappeared into his portal before it closed, taking a countless number of victims with him. The storm outside quickly subsided and with aid from Councilman Juramis, the heroes visited each bone pillar near Wehnimer's Landing and were finally able to destroy them. Shortly after the man known as Elithain Cross arrived and explained that since the town's wards had been broken, the tehir spiritcaller Akhash was able to decipher the location Grishom's island. Elithain then opened a portal along the Coastal Cliffs leading the heroes to the shores of Glaoveln where they had to swim to Erythro Island, the evil dwelling of Grishom Stone. The island, inhabited by wicked creatures, offers a dangerous challenge to all variety of skilled adventurers.

The final battle has begun.


OOC Note:

Somewhere along the Coastal Cliffs you will find an enormous shimmering red portal that leads to the shores of Glaoveln. From there you can find a water point to make your swimming journey to Erythro Island. Be warned, there is only one safe haven on Grishom's island, everyone else will see creatures roaming.

There are 9 "zones" as I call them, not counting the actual arctic waters. Along the shores of Glaoveln and on Erythro Island there will be an assortment of creatures to hunt, ranging from levels 13 to 115. It's up to you to discovery where you can survive. As previous announced, the portal to the island will remain open for the remainder of my storyline, which will conclude in the middle of January. Despite the range of creatures, I have ensured the storyline's ending events will allow for all levels to participate in, so worry not. Now it's time for the heroes to take the fight to Grishom, weakening his armies and slaying his minions. Enjoy!

-GM Kenstrom-

Simutronics Corporation

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