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Gemstone IV News

Pirate Ship Mysteriously Arrives on the Isle of Four Winds
Posted on 12/08/2011 01:44 PM CST by GS4-WYROM

Early in the morning on Leyan, Vahmyr, Captain of the Fallen Corsair, spotted a ship sailing toward the southern side of the Isle of Four Winds through his spyglass.  The recently marooned famed pirate Cidolfhus went to investigate the ship and ventured into the Saewehna Jungle, telling Vahmyr he'd report back sometime that night or in the morning the next day.

During the evening on Leyan, two pirates from the mysterious ship arrived in Mist Harbor, and were spotted in the Scuttlebug Tavern.  One a saucy red-headed human female freebooter, the other a one-legged human male sea rover, but both with talk of treasure to come.  They claimed their ship was the Greed of the West, and their captain had big plans to find an ancient artifact.  This acclaimed legendary treasure isn't on the Isle of Four winds, however, it is "close by," which the Greed of the West plans to set sail to sometime in the late evening of Niiman or early morning of the Day of the Huntress.

With both Vahmyr and Cidolfhus marooned on the Isle of Four Winds due to the famed Charl's Teeth, both are curious how these pirates sailed near the isle.  A patron at the Scuttlebug Tavern was heard saying, "One doesn't simply sail into Mist Harbor...."  And the two of them couldn't agree more.  Vahmyr arrived on the isle two years ago, he and his ship appearing one day in the Western Harbor.  And Cidolfhus having arrived a few months, but through a magical manastorm near the former area of Kezmon Isle.  He was teleported into the Western Harbor, but his ship and crew weren't as lucky as him, as they all went down with the ship when it capsized.

What artifact are these pirates looking for?  And how did they even get there?  Questions still left unanswered.

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