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Gemstone IV News

Mist Harbor & the Growing Grimswarm Threat
Posted on 11/14/2011 12:43 PM CST by GS4-KENSTROM
Mist Harbor & the Growing Grimswarm Threat

Day 13 of the month Eoantos in the year 5111

To Ilsola Tuulikki

From Alenduin of Loenthra

Per my Mistress Chisma Calinthe’s instructions, I have brought her personal guard to reinforce those of Mist Harbor’s defenses.  At your personal request, I have completed an evaluation of the defenses of Mist Harbor.  Here are my findings:

On the topic of Town Guards, I find that yours are severely lacking in discipline.  These men are used to breaking up bar fits and other minor incursions.  They are not prepared for a full out attack.  My recommendation is to increase their numbers with honorable men and women from around the lands.   I believe that you will find my men are more than happy to aid you until you are able to bolster your own numbers.

An evaluation of the Sunfist Outpost, which you have had built, has proven successful.  You should be proud of the defenses that have been built in such a short time.  Your foreman’s foresight to have it built against a sheer cliff facing was good, though I would recommend an escape route up the cliff in case the outpost gets surrounded.  I doubt that will happen, but I do make the recommendation anyway.

A thorough search of the river ways showed that all rafts were easily hidden amid the brush, making it hard for the Grimswarm to find them, but easy for defenders to find them.  A more thorough search of the jungles proved that your early guesses were correct.  The Grimswarm have infected Shimmering Mists, Cor’rah, Cloud Forest, Monsoon Jungle, and the Forbidden Hills.

I think you will find that a great many people are willing to defend this area for you and an even greater are willing to help you to keep Mist Harbor secure.

If you have further need of my services, feel free to contact me.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ OOC Note ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Thanks to the coding efforts of GM Coase, the Grimswarm are on Mist Harbor.  They are located in five hunting grounds – Monsoon Jungle, Cloud Forest, Cor’rah, Shimmering Mists, and the Forbidden Hills.


While these are not the creatures promised for hunting, they are a start and will remain long after we add creatures to the area.

Thanks to the coding efforts of GM Leonric, the river rafting area is now live.  This river offers easy transportation from the Monsoon Jungle and passes by Cloud Forest, Cor’rah & Shimmering Mists, and the Forbidden Hills.  It then continues on to a small recreation landing, the Southern Wilds & Saewehna Lagoon.  This trip is faster than the fast ferry and paddle boats. 

If you are on the Alhan’aht River and traveling south, then you will feel some resistance as you PUSH your raft further south.  This is because you are traveling against the river, but when you PUSH north, you will move with the river and feel almost no resistance.  When on the Alhan’aht River, if you are idle, then the river will eventually push you back to the beginning because the river tugs your raft.

If you are on the Alhan’naht River, which is south of the Divide, then you will find that moving southward gives you no resistance, while pushing northward gives you resistance.  Also, being idle on this river lets you drift south to the Lagoon.

Monsoon Jungle is familiar to many of you because it was the grounds for the Four Winds Festival several years back.  This area has long awaited its day to be released and we are pleased to open it permanently up.  You can travel to the Forbidden Hills through the twists and turns of the Monsoon Jungle without having to play on the river.

Cloud Forest is located on the western edge of the Alhan’aht River, while Cor’rah and the Shimmering Mists are located on the eastern.  These are accessible by the river primarily, though rings make it accessible as well.

Cor’rah, Cloud Forest, Shimmering Mists, and the Monsoon Jungle were painted by ALAE.

The Forbidden Hills were painted by GM Hunterleigh, while I painted the Alhan’aht and Alhan’naht Rivers, as well as their landings.

A great deal of effort went into making all of this work and I thank all the GMs that did QC work on this, we as well as those that helped to get this live.  It has been a long standing project and I’m relieved to see it out there.  I hope that you all enjoy it.

Simutronics Corporation

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