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Tales for Human Children

"How can a blind man see more than his companion, the hunter? What will become of the young ranger who inadvertly disrupts the balance of nature? How can a butterfly change a girl's life? And how can someone pass himself off as a mystical diviner and successfully get away with it?"

Nothing is quite as it seems in this collection of children's stories; so prepare yourself to be delighted and maybe a bit intrigued as you follow the magical transformations of body, mind and spirit that occur within them.

These tales have the color and vigor of the individuals they represent: a human girl, a warrior, an empoverished pair of elves, a young ranger. At the same time, they each remind us in different ways of how vast and mysterious Elanthia is, and how our lives can be transformed by the most
unexpected circumstances.

Iter's Tale
Zajai and the Butterfly
The Great Diviner
The Fenvaok's Gift


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