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Legends of the Elven Nations

The Thirteenth day of the Month of Olaestra, fifty-one hundred
"My travels have returned me to the land of my birth, Ta'Vaalor and I am the happier for it. With me I have brought many great wonders from the west, along with new insight into much of the lore I knew of my home."

There is very little known of where the origin of the following myths begins. I have done much research but it has proved futile, too much fiction envelops these stories. Perhaps in the future years I might as-yet unravel their mystery, but for now I give you four short tales of lore and legend."

Briede Songweavyre
Minstrel and Thespian
of Ta'Vaalor

Throughout the many centuries, heroes rise and fall, stories become legends as they're stretched as far as the imagination can reach. To some, those tales have become the groundwork for a plethora of fairytales and myths, while to others they are nothing more than tall tales told to little children in the dark hours of the night.

In the following text are some of the lesser-known legends of the Elven Nations, passed down through the generations, twisted and altered with each telling, until captured in the prose of the Bardess Briede Songweavyre of Ta'Vaalor.
Chapter One
Patience and the Lily
Chapter Two
The Ghost of the Moor
Chapter Three
The Tale of the Rolton Mask
Chapter Four
The Wizard and the Aivren


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