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The History of the Sylvan Elves
New Lands (Approximately ca. -15,180 to -3,000)

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Once again, the sylvans dismantled a beloved city and prepared to journey into unknown danger in hopes of finding a new home. They left a stone monument where the city's gate had been, to mark the passing of their hero Oriahn. And mourning him, as well as all those who had bravely fought Despana's aggression, they set out following a southern direction that would lead them around the tip of the great mountains and eventually to the western side of the continent. They prayed that no other elves would be found there, to wage wars or lure away the sylvan youth or interfere with the sylvan way of life.

They finally veered from south to west, and the road was ever long. They quickly resumed their old ways of traveling, moving during the summers, then making semi-permanent camps to wait out the cold of winter. During the cold winter months, they told stories and birthed babies. As they found new regions, they made studies of new creatures, plants and trees they encountered on the way. Eventually, the sylvans encountered an arid country, where the hills were covered in scrub bushes and small, contorted trees. However, when a small band of elves were spotted in the far distance, they quickly pushed through this land, moving steadily to the west.




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