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The History of the Sylvan Elves

Chapter One
Early History,
Approximately ca. -130,000 to ca. -60,000
Chapter Two
  The First Sylvan City,
ca. -45,400
  Sidebar: Introduction of Mithril and Silver
Chapter Three
  Ithnishmyn and the Elven Nations
Chapter Four
  The Sylvan High Council
Chapter Five
  The Trail of Ages,
ca. -36,567 to -22,460
Chapter Six
ca. -22,460 to -15,490
Chapter Seven
  Despana War and Chaos,
ca. -15,400 to -15,180
Chapter Eight
  Journey to Nevishrim
Chapter Nine
  New Lands,
Approximately ca. -15,180 to -3000
Chapter Ten
  The Legend of Haloiyand and Alandalor
Chapter Eleven
  The Final Forest,
ca. -2985 to present



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