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The Krolgeh Language
Phrases and Sayings

GrammarCommon to KrolgehKrolgeh to CommonPhrases and Sayings

The language of the krolvin, both spoken and written, is referred to as krolgeh.

Common Krolgeh Phrases

I spit/piss on your corpse! Ap junda ik burzka!
Suffer, slug! Morgil, brakakt!
You will die in pain! Q’ap tik burzmorad av gzadmor!
You will die weeping! Q’ap tik burzmorad breftark!
I laugh at your suffering! Ap b’rua q’ap morgil!
You fought well. Q’ap ungbokt tuug.

Common Krolgeh Sayings

The stars weep for you. (A rare expression of sympathy.) Herndrok brefta q’ap.
The night belongs to nobody. (You can’t have everything.) Prozd gno tulgte
The krolvin with the boots doesn’t care where he puts his feet. Krol tra klot hoonte sunt apdo melg apdo ispuk.
The sea never changes. V’koort dur’te f’ploak.
A small thorn can fester. Enoorkra criga tuz d’ton.
It’s the bold pig that gets the meal. Moradg etka tor pulta.
By the blue of my skin. (An oath of honesty.) Lalk gno’ap renqua to!

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