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History of the Turamzzyrian Empire

State of the Empire
The empire is currently in a relatively calm state. There is no current area of major conflict and the constant skirmishes in the Sea of Fire, the DragonSpine, and the Demonwall are by no means a prelude to war. The southern cities remain ever vigilant, prepared for the next major conflict with the Horned Cabal.

With the failure of Baron Lerep Hochstib's conquests and his subsequent death, coupled with the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles in 5103, the newly anointed Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, first cousin to the late Empress, has appointed Earl Eddric Jovery of North Hendor as the new Northern Sentinel.

Furthermore, the Emperor has invested Hochstib's surviving sister, Lady Delphinuria, as the new Baroness of Jantalar effectively bringing the Barony's ambitious expansionism to an end. The former Barony of Mestanir was released from Jantalar's control, restored to sovereignty, and is now governed by the newly appointed Baron Seurdyn Moraughton Chydenar.

With the current Emperor showing no interest in conquest or expansion, the Turamzzyrian Empire seems to have settled, for now.

Noble lands within the Turamzzyrian Empire
(in approximate order of influence)

Location Ruling House Cities Location Historical Leaders
Duchy of Selanthia Anodheles Tamzyrr West Many Anodheles'
Duchy of Aldora Chandrennin Elstreth South Many Chandrennins
Duchy of Kezmon
None Kai Toka West Nyrmont
Earldom of Chastonia Kestrel The Swale South Many Kestrels
Earldom of Honneland Feurstein Immuron East Sentinel Happersett
Earldom of Estoria Hurrst Idolone South Sentinel Urgland Hurrst
Earldom S. Hendor Weirlund Waterford, Nydds North Kings of Hendor
Sentinel Weirlund
Earldom N. Hendor Jovery Lolle North Kings of Hendor
Sentinel Eddric Jovery
County of Allace Calquinor Ubl South Sentinel Kyr Calquinor
Sentinel Marcus Calquinor
County of Trauntor Greythane Brantur, Barrett's Gorge East Sentinel Greythane
County of Seareach Tramini Brisker's Cove, Phannus North  
County of Torre Claybourne Fairport, River's Rest West Vicalle Mestyr
Barony of Jantalar Hochstib Jantalar, Talador North  
Barony of Talador
(Now Jantalar)
Hochstib Talador North Ciaran Donnebrugh
Barony of Mestanir Chydenar Mestanir North Mestanir
Barony of Bourth Caulfield Krestle, Gallardshold East Gallard Wilke
Barony of Vornavis Malwind Vornavis/Solhaven North  
Barony of Highmount Hammarskal Maelligh, Kragsfell East Urleth
Barony of Oire Villaunne New Myssar West  
Barony of Riverwood Helt Helt North  
Barony of Dragach McGarry Connedale, Krinklehorn East  


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