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History of the Turamzzyrian Empire


Map of the Turamzzyrian Empire, circa 5100

In my years of extensive study in the history of the empire of Turamzzyr, I have oft wished for a simple reference text of the chronology of great events. The legendary treatises of Vyurian and Loquernus, the Scrolls of Kelleto, and the discourses of the sages of Kai Toka were all brilliant pieces of work, yet cross-referencing these great documents into an accurate timeline is an arduous task for many a historian.

Additionally, there have been few scholastic texts dedicated to recent historical events, leaving a glaring gap in the libraries and collections of sages throughout Elanthia. In the interest of aiding all scholars, from neophyte to adept, I present an unbiased, concise history of the empire of Turamzzyr.

Deinirius Antroydes
Sage, M. H. S., of the Lost Tower
5, 25, CE 5100


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