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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Vornavis is a coastal province on the west coast of the Empire. It has wonderfully warm and sunny summers and temperate winters for such a northern province. The people tend to be more tolerant of humanoids than most other provinces, a position which has caused friction between Vornavis and her neighbor to the north, Jantalar.

Major Cities and Towns


The walled city of Vornavis is the capital of the territory. It is located on the western coast of the province, and overlooks the city of Solhaven and Solhaven Bay. Vornavis supports a large garrison, and is well situated and protected from siege.


The city of Solhaven is one of the only free ports within the Turamzzyrian Empire, and is known for its open accessibility to all manner of tradesmen and merchants. Set along the coast of Solhaven Bay, the large port is a regular recipient of trade ships and travelers from distant regions, even the dwarven land known as Teras Isle. It was largely run by the Mercantyler's Guild, with only minimal guidance and oversight from Vornavis, until the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles took place within the city in 5103. As a result, the free port status was revoked.

In 1507, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles renewed Solhaven's free port status after an investigation into the former Empress' death revealed no due negligence came from the city. The Emperor firmly stated in his decree, however, that there be a strict edict of change. Now, the Mercantyler's Guild has far less control over Solhaven, having to deal with the baronial beaucracy and guardsmen patrolling the streets. Further, under the order of Baron Malwind, Vornavis has established a naval presence within Solhaven Bay, offering protection and inspection of cargo and its port.

The free port status of Solhaven has resulted in a long term increase in the city's trade traffic, greatly enhancing both Imperial and Baronial income.


The vineyards of Vornavis are lush and bountiful, and the wines of the region are in demand throughout the Empire. The two most popular wines are the dark Vornavis mourverde and the pale Vornavis chardonnay.


Local Lore and Customs

Within the barony, legends persist of a mischievious nature spirit named "Booga." Resembling a halfling, but furred and with rodent-like features, the creature is encountered north and west of the Cairnfang River, according to the most reliable claims. Booga is commonly blamed for soured milk and wine, broken boot laces and pack straps and small shiny objects suddenly gone missing. A centuries-old stone sculpture discovered in the dwarven caverns beneath Tor Aganrahk on the barony's northern border lend credence to the creature's existence.

The legend of a giantman kingdom and its leader is also supported by a second dwarven sculpture discovered within the same caverns. The stone bust of a regal-looking giantman wearing a crown and bearing the name "Telimnar" is regarded by some as proof that the ancient granite blocks scattered throughout the Stoneharrow Swale are indeed the remains of King Telimnar's royal city, the center of a giantman kingdom that thrived sometime during the early Modern age.

A ready topic for popular speculation, but difficult to verify, is the legend of Wildwood Isle. Located northeast of the city of Vornavis, in the widest stretch of the Cainfang River, the island is surrounded by magical barriers raised during a battle that took place during the earliest days of the barony's settlement, barriers that still prevent any sentient being from setting foot on the island. Founded as a refuge by a noble elven family, the settlement and keep on the island eventually drew the attention of foul creatures in the area. Recognizing that an all-out attack on the island was bound to succeed, the members of the Wildwood family sent all non-combatants to the south bank of the river as they drew in the attackers from the north bank. Once all of the attacking forces were on the island, the magical barrier was raised and has stood intact to the present day. Activity on the island ceased during the night of the attack, and no signs of any survivors of the battle have ever been seen.




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