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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Trauntor is dominated by hilly lands with occasional mountain peaks. To the east, rich forests provide an excellent source of lumber. The territory was once a badlands, with continued hostility from the Scourge, among other enemies. Since the building of the Demonwall, Trauntor has flourished.

Major Cities and Towns


Brantur is one of the cities near the Demonwall, which separates the Empire from the demonic Scourge that harries the lands to the south and east. Brantur has a strong complement of the best of the Order of the Golvern Star, and is a very militaristic town. Crime is almost non-existent, as all offenses are very harshly punished. The people are extremely distrustful, even of each other.

Brantur is also the site where Tyrgh, the Chaos Lord, raised an army out of Ba'Lathon and devastated the city. Fortunately, reinforcements arrived in time to recover the city.

Barrett's Gorge

The Citadel of Barrett's Gorge is more of a military installation than a town. The region is harsh, and historically war torn. The Citadel at the center sports a series of high walls built for extensive defense against a potential siege. The sprawl outside of the innermost walls consists of the housing, shops, inns, and bars that have developed between the defenses. Each section of the sprawl is separated from the other by walls with four gates. Though the innermost walls are tallest and strongest, the wall at each interval is capable of withstanding a siege.

Barrett's Gorge is also the primary training area for the Demonwall Watch of the Order of the Golvern Star. This particular branch of the OGS prides itself on its extreme militance and zealous commitment to their Order, their Empire, and their duty.



Local Lore and Customs

Within the city of Brantur is Longwitton's Whetstone, which is said to have magical properties. Commoners claim that if a brave man sharpens his sword on it, all the wounds he causes will prove fatal; but if a coward uses it to sharpen his sword, he will only ever cause injury rather than death.

The Narran Valley just to the north of Barrett's Gorge is known to be haunted by a night-hag. She has been seen flying low above the streams, her long black robe trailing in the water and her leathery wings flapping in the air. Those who have had the misfortune to encounter her up close describe her as having long black hair, black eyes, and dark skin. From time to time she is also accompanied by black hounds with red eyes and enormous fangs. A foolish man once ignored all advice and spent the night asleep in Narran Valley. The next morning he was found, unconscious and battered from head to toe. When he came around, he recalled having been attacked by the hag, who clawed and pecked at him "like a great bird of prey."

With the Demonwall so prominent in the minds of Brantur's people, and Ba'Lathon so near to mind as well, gestures and oaths of warding against evil magic and possession are quite common in Brantur. Sorcerers are especially distrusted, and even shunned, in Brantur. Most merchants turn sorcerers away from their establishments, and the punishment for use of sorcery in a harmful manner is typically death.




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