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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Torre is located near the center of the Empire on the west coast. The weather is generally very mild, with the exception of a prolonged rainy season in spring. The territory is centered around the Maelstrom Bay. The capital city of Fairport accounts for most of the county's population, with the rest being scattered fishing villages and farmsteads.

Major Cities and Towns


Fairport is the major port city for Torre. The bustling port services the coast, and with regular trade routes seaward to Tamzyrr, Ubl, Idolone, and Brisker's Cove, the city is a well established component of the Empire's economy. Fairport once maintained a lucrative trade route with the inner Empire via the Tempest river by way of the Maelstrom Bay, but the Great Quake that resulted in the creation of the Tempest Falls closed that route in 4565.

The customs of Torre's citizens are married to the sea, and local jargon is rife with references to fishing and the sea-faring life. It is not uncommon for parents to bring their newborns to the Tower of the Sea Princess in Fairport, seeking to placate Charl through his daughter and ask the blessings of her priestesses. Tragedy is common among those who sail the seas, and Niima's temple is never lacking in wives and children beseeching the goddess for mercy and the safe return of loved ones.

River's Rest

In the days of the Kannalan Empire the island of River's Rest was a beacon of art and trade. The fall of that empire and the resulting anarchy begat a long social decline in the region. Its location at the juncture of the Tempest River and the mouth of Maelstrom Bay, however, made River's Rest a natural trading center. It was inevitable that it would be rebuilt.

Very likely River's Rest would have regained its prominence if not for the Great Quake of 4565. The quake not only devastated the island itself, it shifted the land to a degree that a large waterfall was created on the Tempest River. This almost entirely disrupted the river trade on which the prosperity of River's Rest hinged. The island has never recovered.

With the loss of River's Rest's economic base, the County of Torre and the Turamzzyrrian Empire lost much of their interest in the region. Imperial indifference and neglect made River's Rest an attractive location for outlaws, smugglers, pirates and fugitives. Although in recent years some rough form of law and order has been established, the island of River's Rest remains underpopulated and primitive.



Local Lore and Customs

The First of Lormesta is a popular holiday in this region, during which children travel the town wishing their neighbors good fortune in the coming year. They wear silk flowers in their hats and carry silver-spangled oranges on the ends of sticks. At each home they are welcomed with a cry of "For those without and those within, let the newfound year begin!" and given gifts of sweet foods and money.

The ships that sail from Fairport almost always carry with them a cat, and the actions of this beast are said to have great predictive powers. If she stretches so that her paws meet, a storm will be encountered soon. If she turns her back to the captain or the galley fire, the ship is likely to be stranded. And if the cat scratches the mast with her claws, the ship and all her crew are surely doomed.

Local custom dictates that an offering of roasted barley flour and fruit be left by the ocean before embarking on a fishing expedition of any kind. This ensures the goodwill of the seals, who will then be sure to drive fish of all kinds into the fisherman's nets. If this offering is not made, it is said that one's luck in fishing will be poor and the fisherman's nets will tear. Old people tell of "sealsingers" hired to laud the virtues of these aquatic beasts on special occasions.




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