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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Talador is a thickly wooded territory to the north of the Empire. It is bordered by the northern wastes to the north and the elven woods to the east. The region enjoys lush but short summers, balanced by long, bitterly cold winters. Most of the wooded areas are pine and fir. The northern areas of the territory are mountainous and support many mines.

Major Cities and Towns


Talador is a city that, until recently, relied primarily on mining as a primary source of income. The dwarven miners of Talador were legendary for their goods and services. In 4519, the dwarves built Doggoroth Keep near the city of Talador, allowing them to mine protected from the continual assaults by humanoids from the north. For nearly 500 years, the city was inhabited primarily by dwarves, until around the year 5000, when the silver mines start becoming depleted. With the silver quickly running out, many dwarves migrated to more fertile mines. As the dwarves left, humans moved in and took over control of the city and the barony. In 5030, the Empire annexed Talador as an Imperial territory.

In 5087, Jantalar invaded and occupied Talador, making it formally part of Jantalar. The reasoning behind this invasion was the lack of noble leadership in the province. This hostile move by Baron Lerep Hochstib caused new rules and edicts regarding inter-territorial relations to be established.

Doggoroth Keep

This stout keep was built by dwarves nearly 600 years ago to protect their silver mines in the area. The great citadel withstood the orcs, ogres, and hobgoblins of the territory for 60 years before falling to a massive orcish onslaught. The orcs terrorized the region for over 500 years before being defeated by Jantalarian troops a decade ago. Jantalar has placed a garrison in the keep, and the humanoid threat has greatly diminished.



Local Lore and Customs

Eonak, Imaera, and Phoen are particularly popular deities among the hardworking folk of Talador, and their festivals often honor these gods. The height of revelry comes in the month of Imaerasta, when the locals celebrate the marriage of Imaera and Eonak with the Festival of the Land's Bounty. Three days of feasting each culminate in singing, dancing, and trysting between young unmarried couples. Handfasting ceremonies are especially popular during this season.




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