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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire
South Hendor

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Hendor was once a Kingdom apart from the Empire. Hendor fell in 4630, two years after the first appearance of Issyldra, the Ice Queen, in the DragonSpine. The campaign for Hendor, fought between 4635 and 4638, liberated the territories from the occupying humanoids and made North and South Hendor officially part of the Turamzzyrian Empire.

South Hendor is some of the most plush and resourceful land in all of the Empire. Plentiful streams and lakes, and rolling valleys make up what many consider to be the garden spot of the Empire. While South Hendor is land-locked, rivers abound, many large enough to support river towns and river commerce.

Major Cities and Towns


The city of Waterford is rich, even by Empire standards. It is central to the territories, and to the Empire itself. It is a hub of commerce, and is also very well ordered and lawfully ruled. Justice in Waterford is swift and absolute, deterring most major crime. The citizenry of Waterford pay considerably higher taxes to support this level of protection. Waterford¿s glory, though still well renowned, has diminished in the past century, as the quake that created the great falls on the Tempest River disrupted river access to the sea. River traffic in lumber and other distant resources still arrive in Waterford, but now require overland shipping once received.


Nydds is a wondrous city located south of the hilly land that borders the Sea of Fire. The culture of Nydds is different from most of Hendor, with the citizenry open to foreigners and strangers, and its people require a greater degree of freedom than most cities in the Empire. Serving as the scholastic center of the Turamzzyrian Empire with its numerous sages and colleges of the arts, Nydds also boasts a satellite Hall of Mages for students of the arcane.

The Halls of Solace, a monastery devoted to Lord Voln, can be found in Nydds. One of the most influential Voln monasteries in the Empire, the Halls of Solace have been instrumental in aiding Aldora against the Horned Cabal.


The merchants of Waterford are renowned for their magnificent silks, as the weavers of South Hendor are among the most skilled in the Empire. In addition to the great scholastic fame of Nydds, scriveners and artists abound.

Rare Herbs

Local Lore and Customs

Waterford has an ancient harvest tradition known as "The Harvest Bell." At the time of reaping, a handful of corn is left uncut in the field, and at the end of the day the reapers stand a marked distance away and aim their sickles at the "harvest bell" (a sport that is not without its share of injuries!). When at last the shock of corn falls, there is a fight for its possession, with the victor carrying it in triumph to the harvest feast. On the way, young girls throw bowls of water at the sheaf-carrier, who is meant to dodge them all and bring his trophy safe and dry to the village hall, where he is lauded as the hero of the evening.

The historians of Nydds love to tell of the winged serpents that used to populate the area in days gone by. They were described as very beautiful, sparkling all over as though covered with jewels. Some were colorfully crested, and their bright wings had eyes like those of a peacock's tail. Despite their splendor, the serpents wreaked havoc on poultry and other farmyard creatures, and were eventually exterminated.

Though not generally superstitious, the people of Nydds are still loathe to enter a grove of oaks at midnight, for it is said that the spirits of the past assemble there, especially those who fell to the Ice Queen. It is also well known that he who cuts down a juniper will die within the year. In the older parts of the city one can still see strangely shaped houses built to accommodate one or more of these revered trees.

Nydds is sometimes called the City of Flowers both in reference to the glorious fields of wild orchids that cover the hillsides nearby and to the prevalence of flowery windowboxes that decorate Nyddian homes. The phrase, "Sweet as Nydds in Spring," is commonly used throughout the Empire when referring to something with a particularly pleasing scent. The young maids of the city are especially fond of wearing garlands and floral circlets, with different flowers to symbolize beauty, chastity, romance, devotion, and other popular themes.




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