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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Selanthia is split north to south by the Yssian mountain range. The western border is shoreline, and host to hundreds of small port villages. The east of the territory is largely plains and hills. The climate is moderate and fair. Severe storms are seasonally swept up the coast toward Tamzyrr, but the low mountain ranges generally break up the storms before they do much damage.

Major Cities and Towns


Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles rules from the capital of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Tamzyrr, located along Selanthia's western coast. Tamzyrr is the largest city in the Empire, and affords the citizens the most luxury, as the services and goods found in her markets are unrivalled within the Empire.

The city of Tamzyrr is the political and cultural center of both Selanthia and the Turamzzyrian Empire. The city has a rich history and is host to festivals and events of all sizes throughout the year. In addition to the cultural offerings, Emperor Aurmont holds court once a month. Nobles from all over the Empire gather to attend to business such as submitting grievances, requesting aid, and making alliances (or hatching plots). Aurmont's court is a simple affair, but includes sumptuous feasts for court attendants--quite a contrast from how his first cousin and predecessor, Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, ran court before her assassination.

Tamzyrr is home to the Hall of Mages, the most prestigious of the arcane colleges in the Turamzzyrian Empire. Founded nearly 750 years ago under the auspices of Emperor Immuros Kestrel, this college educates students interested in the arcane arts, focusing on the responsible use of magic to improve society and the Empire. The Hall of Mages maintains satellite colleges in Elstreth, Nydds, and The Swale.

The Imperial Drakes are also based in this wondrous city, under the auspices of the Royal Magister. This magical branch of the imperial military consists solely of skilled wizards. Under the tutelage of House Kestrel, magical training for the Imperial Drakes has been standardized and focused for specific military needs, increasing their usefulness to military commanders.

Numerous chivalric orders can be found in Selanthia, and most are based in Tamzyrr. While Tamzyrr is well protected, and no foe has seriously threatened the city in centuries, the activity of the city's courts draws many knights. Those knights who seek to prove themselves for the Empire often venture south to aid against the Horned Cabal and other threats from the Southron Wastes, or east to aid in defending the Demonwall.


Selanthia has an abundance of farms and flatlands, supporting grain, vineyards, produce, and grazing livestock. The low mountains are spotted with small mines and produce iron and other precious metals.

Selanthia also hosts Tamzyrr, the greatest port in the Empire and home to the finest shipwrights known. Tamzyrr boasts a massive navy, staffed with the finest sailors and military officers.

The mild climate of Selanthia causes vineyards to flourish, and Selanthian wineries thrive on trade throughout the empire. The region is famed for two wines in particular: the pale Selantha marsanne and the dry, dark Selantha merlot.

Overseas trade-goods

Local Lore and Customs

The festival season starts in the spring with the grand Seafarer's Carnival, a celebration of the city's ship building industry and maritime traditions. It is also an opportunity for the citizens to peruse and purchase the latest imports. In the summer months, many smaller festivals are held and military parades are very popular. Imaerasta brings about the Harvest Fest, which rivals the Carnival in size and popularity. The fruits of the land of all types are celebrated, displayed, and entered into contests, but most important is the grape harvest. Vintners from all over Selanthia attend to show off their wines and compete for the highly coveted first prize.

At the beginning of the new year, the Pilgrimages of Koar take place. Holy sites, such as the Crown of Koar, are visited by the devout from all over the Empire. The High Hall of the King in Tamzyrr is a major destination for the faithful, where the Patriarch of Koar presides over the Church. People travel from far and wide, often undergoing great hardships, in order to participate in this holy festival. The Patriarch himself officiates over the nightlong prayer vigils. Children born in the previous year are dedicated in the temples and the priests often mediate disputes brought before them by their parishioners.

Another Selanthian tradition of note is the Conquest Fete. The tradition goes back hundreds of years, waxing and waning in popularity. Fetes are held in all the larger towns and cities, though Tamzyrr has always boasted the grandest spectacles. Empress Mynal'lyanna was quite fond of the Fetes and they are a frequent amusement for the populace. The Fetes consist of various types of battles to the death between two or more contestants.

Conquest Fetes serve a dual purpose. They provide entertainment for Selanthians and they help keep the citizenry under control. The combatants are culled mostly from the prisons, but when the pickings there become sparse, no one of any importance seems to mind that "undesirables" are plucked directly off the streets as unwilling participants. The Fete goers love nothing better than to see a couple "dirt elves" fight to a bloody death.




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