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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Riverwood is a plush, wooded region crossed by many free-flowing rivers. The woods provide plentiful game and other natural resources. Though the winters can become harsh, they are generally short and mild.

Major Cities and Towns


The city of Helt is a proud, rich city in the heart of the wooded territory of Riverwood. Helt enjoys access to two major rivers, providing excellent trade routes and access to surrounding territories. Helt is a walled city, with tall, pitch-cured timbers serving as a daunting deterrent against would-be invaders. The troops in Helt are skilled with the bow, and are great huntsmen.


Exotic Meats

Local Lore and Customs

Custom in Helt holds that, before a newly fletched arrow meant for hunting can strike true, it must be blessed three times: once by a relative of the fletcher, once by a cleric of Imaera, and once by a person who will partake of the bounty of the arrow's first hunt. Similar custom holds that an arrow meant for war must be blessed once by a war leader, once by a cleric of Kai, and once by a person who will be protected through the arrow's use. Even the most arrogant hunter can be brought humbly low by asking his aged mother to please bless his newly fletched arrows, for the use of an unblessed arrow will bring terrible misfortune upon the one who shoots it.

As well as the Arkati, citizens of Riverwood often practice rites to honor Jes'Tamaline, a local spirit of the many rivers of Riverwood. If Jes'Tamaline is dishonored, it is said that the trees will bear no fruit, that deer will hear a hunter's footsteps from seven miles away, and that all the fish rivers will dry to dust with all their fish transformed to stone. Jes'Tamaline is honored on the last day of Ivastaen by singing songs in her honor, dancing through the woods, and garlanding people and trees with flowers. It is also custom for maidens in their first year of womanhood to spend Jes'Tamaline's night sleeping in the wood, so that the spirit will guide them and advise them. According to Riverwood legend, in hundreds of years of this ritual, no women have ever been injured in wild beast attacks or accidents in the darkness during Jes'Tamaline's night.

Legend claims that, centuries before Helt was founded, there was a terrible plague in the land later known as Riverwood, and all the streams were fouled. While other mortals wept for their own lives, there was one, a hermit, who wept for the death of the forest itself. Imaera had intended to let the plague run its course, as natural events must, but the hermit's grief attracted and touched her. When the hermit died, Lorminstra gifted the hermit's soul to Imaera, and the hermit arose out of death by Imaera's will as a nature spirit, so that she might protect the wilderness she had loved forever. Thus Jes'Tamaline came to be.




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