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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Oire is on the west coast of the Empire, nestled between Torre and Seareach. The lands are rich for farming and cattle, but offer little else in the way of natural resources, and the area is one of the poorest in the Empire. The shore in Oire is mostly crags and cliffs, making shipping difficult. Only small port villages and towns have cropped up along the ocean. Oire enjoys mild, temperate climates with only occasional large storms sweeping up from the south and west.

Oire is a quiet little barony that draws little attention from the rest of the Empire, and the people like it that way. The culture is mostly agrarian, with the wars and political intrigues often plaguing other human territories having almost completely bypassed Oire. The Villaunnes have been the ruling family for several generations. While none of the barons or baronesses have come to prominence within the Empire, they have been generally much loved by their people. The Villaunne family maintains a long tradition of being fair-minded rulers who are truly dedicated to their holdings. This is reflected in the general contentment level of the citizens of Oire.

Major Cities and Towns

New Myssar

New Myssar is a large, sprawling city in the hills in the center of Oire. The city is simple, comprising mostly traders from the surrounding farms and grazing lands. The city is not opulent, and offers little to visiting dignitaries, so it is rarely traveled to. The troops there are few and poorly maintained.


The mostly simple people of Oire do have an overwhelming sense of pride where one thing is concerned, and that is their wines. Oirean vintages, in particular the luscious Oire grenache and the ruby-hued Oire port, are appreciated throughout the Empire and they frequently grace the tables of nobility. The citizens claim to have the most sophisticated palates in all of Elanthia and their children are raised from a relatively young age to be able to appreciate and discuss various wines in depth.


Local Lore and Customs

Due to the mostly rural nature of Oire, the seasons play a large part in the daily lives of the people. Oleani, Phoen, Imaera, and Lorminstra are the most revered of the Arkati. Many of the roads and farms have small shrines where frequent offerings are made. The city of New Myssar has two large, and surprisingly ornate, temples dedicated to Oleani and Imaera. Weekend farmer's markets and small faires are commonplace throughout the summer months where the hardworking people get a chance to enjoy some fun.

The most important celebration of the year is the Rite of Spring, which is held on the first day of Ivastaen. The normally easy-going and somewhat reserved citizens throw all caution to the wind for this raucous (some might say debauched) festival. The Rite celebrates the union of Oleani and Phoen, love, and fertility. Large feasts are held in all the towns and villages, with food and strong drink in abundance. Music and dancing are a central part of the celebrations, and bards often travel from all over to participate. As night falls, couples and groups wander into the fields and woods for trysts under the spring moons. Children conceived on that night are considered to be especially blessed.




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