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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire
North Hendor

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Hendor was once a Kingdom apart from the Empire. Hendor fell in 4630, two years after the first appearance of Issyldra, the Ice Queen, in the DragonSpine. The campaign for Hendor, fought between 4635 and 4638, liberated the territories from the occupying humanoids and made North and South Hendor officially part of the Turamzzyrian Empire.

In the year 5103, with the crowning of a new Emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire, the Earldom of North Hendor became the seat of the Northern Sentinel, Earl Eddric Jovery.

North Hendor is abundant in natural resources. Large forests and plentiful rivers and lakes make North Hendor a lush, forested paradise. While North Hendor is land-locked, rivers are plentiful, many large enough to support river towns and river commerce. The tips of the mountains that border between Hendor and Dragach are very high peaks, and it is from these peaks that the Ice Queen descended upon Hendor.

Major Cities and Towns


The city of Lolle sits just west of the DragonSpine, where it was founded nearly a millenium ago. Lolle was the first and hardest hit in the Ice Queen invasions, but has fully recovered to become a busy, productive city. The superstitious citizens of Lolle remain vigilant and militant, awaiting the return of a threat from the mountains. Lolle serves as the busiest thoroughfare for traders and miners working the imperial mines in the DragonSpine. Lolle also supports a significant militia.

Mensyl Keep

In 4357, General Pfelstev of Hendor defeated a great army of orcs, hobgoblins and ogres in the Battle of Mensyl Pass, during which Lord Gyles of Lolle slew the great ogre shaman Hrg'golg. This battle opened the northlands to the Kingdom of Hendor under the protection of Mensyl Keep, which overlooks the pass. The region that has been host to humanoid occupation on and off in the years since Hendor's victory, falling to orcs and ogres when Hendor fell to Issyldra's horde. In 4644, Mensyl Pass was once again won, and the Keep was reopened and has remained so since, allowing for the further northern expansion of the Empire. Mensyl Keep supports a vast militia, many battalions of soldiers trained and battle-hardened at fighting off the indigenous humanoid population. Surrounding the Keep, many small settlements have sprung up supporting the keep with trade items.


Not surprisingly, with the wealth of gems and precious metals found in this earldom, gemcutters have flourished in North Hendor, and some of the finest jewelry in the Empire comes from Lollan craftsmen.

Gems and Jewelry
Rare Herbs

Local Lore and Customs

Working in mines and superstition have always gone hand in hand, and Lolle is no exception. A common belief in this region is that a dove hovering over the mouth of a mine is a sure sign of disaster to come. Cited as proof is the Black Mountain explosion, where a dove was seen hovering outside the mine for three days running before the calamity struck.

The midwives in and around Mensyl Keep frequently prescribe red clothing for patients suffering from fevers. For particularly difficult cases, the bed and windows are hung with red curtains as well. Sore throats of all kinds are treated by folding a cut of bacon inside a red flannel scarf worn around the neck. Likewise, a yellow ribbon tied around the neck is used to cure jaundice.

Memories of the Witch Winter persist in Hendor, and cautious folk draw white curtains across their windows every night to ward off the glance of the Ice Queen. It is also whispered that Issyldra still roams the mountains in the form of a snowshoe hare, and for this reason no one will eat these creatures, no matter how dire the circumstances. A few have reported seeing a woman in white appear in the snowy hills at midwinter, holding a bouquet of iceblossoms in one hand and beckoning slowly with the other.




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