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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Mestanir is a mountainous region of land north of the Sea of Fire. There are few rivers on the surface and little farmland, but the region is geologically rich with underground water and ranges of richly veined and gemmed mountains and hills.

Mestanir is the home of several very important religious sites, such as the Fist of Koar and the Crown of Koar. Citizens of the Empire make regular pilgrimages to these holy sites, and the Church of Koar is a powerful presence in the region, overseeing the region from Everwatch Tower just outside the city.

This small barony was known for its rogue spellcasters; witches, warlocks, and hedgewizards who long practiced their magics outside of the watchful eye of the Hall of Mages. These unconventional magic users have secretly taught their arcane lore to young practitioners over the years, and it was this crime that led to the fall of Mestanir. Using the "rampant disregard of imperial law" as justification for invading, Jantalarian troops, bolstered by the dreadful Mandis Crystal, conquered Mestanir and annexed the barony into Jantalar in 5092.

In the year 5103, Baron Lerep Hochstib failed in his conquest of taking the Barony of Vornavis and the northwestern wilds, including Wehnimer's Landing, and the Mandis Crystal in Mestanir was destroyed. Reconstruction of the Barony of Mestanir began under the guidance of confidants and advisors of Emperor Aurmont Anodheles and the interim ruler of Jantalar, Delpinuria Hochstib, sister to the deceased Baron.

With her investiture as ruler of Jantalar in 5107, Baroness Hochstib relinquished Jantalar's claim on Mestanir. Shortly afterwards, Emperor Anodheles named Baron Seurdyn Moraughton Chydenar ruler of the renewed Barony of Mestanir.

With the influence of Baron Chydenar's wife, Lady Sionwryn, a daughter of a prominent Mestanir hedgewizard family, the spellcasting community of Mestanir slowly begun to accept the registration of all wizards and sorcerers mandated by the Hall of Mages.

Major Cities and Towns


Mestanir is the capital city of the territory of Mestanir. The city is nestled between two mountain ranges. It is a temperate region, buffered on either side by the terrain. Mestanir was founded in 4883 near the Crown of Koar.


The breweries of Mestanir are renowned for their splendid honey meads and brown ales.


Local Lore and Customs

Mestanir abounds with tales of legendary mages and their astonishing feats, though capriciousness seems to be a common theme. The wizard known as Blacksnake appears frequently as a cautionary figure. As the story goes, one day he came across a farmer carting hay, and begged a fork-load of it for his pony. The farmer refused and continued on down the hill. Hardly a moment later the farmer's horses fell to their knees and could not be roused by any means. The farmer pleaded with Blacksnake to undo the spell, but for a time he refused. When at last he felt that the farmer had been punished enough, Blacksnake allowed the horses to stand and the farmer gave him as much hay as he desired.




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